Wildland Coffee in the outdoors


Wildland Coffee in the outdoors

By Pauline Alba

Everything in moderation. Unless it is coffee, then I tend to get excessive. My favorite part of the camping trip is waking before everybody else, making my coffee, maybe a fire, and watching everything wake up. Since I am an earlier riser everybody else gets reheated coffee. We have tried some other products, but nothing is like camp coffee in a percolator, until I received Wildland Coffee.

The Coffee

Wildland Coffee Single Bag
Wildland Coffee Single Bag

Wildland Coffee is coffee on the go. The coffee comes in cute little packets and inside is a single-serve coffee (tea) bag. They believe in living a different kind of life, making sure our coffee joins us in that experience. This is no instant coffee; they use roasted coffee beans from Brazil.

This company is concerned about the environment, so the coffee is traceable, and the bag and coffee are compostable. The bags are kept fresh due to a Nitro flush as they are put into their pouches. This process replaces oxygen with nitrogen delaying the oxidation process and keeping it shelf-stable for a long time. Now that you had your science lesson for the day, let’s get back to coffee!

The coffee is available in medium, dark, and extra dark roast to appeal to all of your camping tastes. No more drinking the sludge at the bottom of the pot because you slept in. Heat 8 oz. of water to almost a boil, pour into a cup, select your roast, pop it in the cup….and wait.  The magic happens on its own.  No more watching the percolator to ensure it does not boil over, not that I let that happen, often.


How do you get this morning joy in a cup?  Check out their website and make sure to watch the video, I loved it!

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My recommendation would be to order the variety pack for $9.99.  They will send you 1 of each of the different roast options.  If you live in the USA, shipping is free.  The more you buy the cheaper it gets.  Starting with a 10 box for $23.49, a 40 box for $64.00, and an 80 box for $99.99.

If you have decided this will be part of your lifestyle, you can sign up for the subscription plan and receive a 40 box once a month for $57.60 a month.  If you are a big fan of this coffee sign up to become an ambassador.  All you need to do is post once a month about their theme and Wildland Coffee. All orders are shipped from California.

My Experience

I have to admit that I put off this experience a little too long. Coffee is a “big” thing to me, and I wanted to make sure I lived differently when I experienced it.  The time finally came that I was on a solo trip and making a large pot of coffee just didn’t make sense.  I put my water on to heat, poured it into my cup with the coffee bag, and waited.  I will admit it was better than the Folgers we bring on some trips.  It was actually very good.

In my second round, I experimented a little.  Eight ounces of coffee doesn’t go very far on my camping mornings, so I added more water.  It was still very good.  I would say that their product is at its best at eight ounces, but if you want to extend the enjoyment just a bit more without a loss of taste, you can add a bit more water.  I also realized that covering my cup while it steeped kept my coffee at a better temperature when it was time to drink.

Wildland Coffee: My review

Wildland Coffee outsideAt first, I was a little concerned about the cost. Purchasing the smallest box, you would pay about $2.34 per 8 oz cup.  Can you make coffee cheaper?  Sure.  Looking at the convenience this product brings can make having the bags on hand worth it.

Last weekend I stayed in a hotel, ran down to get a cup of coffee, and poured it out.  I proceeded to get dressed and leave the hotel for my coffee.  If I had brought this with me, I would have had good coffee by the time I returned to my room for about the same price.

The other part is how little you need to make coffee.  No percolator needed, no clean-up after.  The coffee tastes very similar to a coffee made with a French press or pour-over method. My final review is that this is a great product to have on hand for camping trips you don’t want to pack a lot for traveling, and a great cup of coffee on a day trip.  If I remind myself that I don’t need a lot of a good thing, this could easily change my day, and if I need 2, that’s still ok.

Your thoughts?

What is your impression of Wildland Coffee? Would you like to have this on your adventures to wake up to? Perhaps you have had this coffee before and would like to share your experience in the comments below.

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