What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic


By Halimeh Salem.

Are you thinking of enjoy camping during the pandemic? If you are, you should stop and plan for it because nowadays there are so many factors to take into consideration. That is because of many factors associated with the pandemic. Covid-19 has changed so many things in the world today especially when it comes to taking vacations and seeing other people. If you want to enjoy camping during the pandemic and stay safe, keep reading. Here is what to pack for camping during the pandemic.

What To Pack For Camping

What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic 4I am going to start by mentioning the things you need to pack for camping in general. These things should be packed whether there is a pandemic or not.

Sun Screen

You are going to be outdoors. The probability of getting a sunburn is high, and the only thing that can protect you from it is sunscreen. If you’re going camping, you most likely wouldn’t want to stay in your tent. You would probably go hiking or paddle yourself across a river. Whatever activities you may like to do, it is best to keep a bottle of sunscreen with you.

Bug Spray

Do you know how many types of insects live on any camping site? There will always be some kind of insect that is going to bite or sting you. So, it is best to bring a bottle of bug spray too. Make sure to keep reapplying it, and if you are camping with your kids, spray a bit more on them because they tend to play around with insects.

What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic 3Tent

You need a tent. Camping without a tent is quite difficult. A tent will protect you from insects, the weather, and so much more. You could just get sleeping bags, but it won’t really protect you from wild animals or the weather.


You would need extra clothing. You’re going to sweat and get dirty. If you don’t want to smell after your first day of camping bring extra clothing. Also, bring a sweater or jacket just in case it gets cold during the night.

Feminine Hygiene Products

You may not be able to find any feminine products when you are camping. So, you have to be prepared. If you are expecting your period, you should take some pads or tampons with you. If you face difficulties during specific days of your cycle like bloating during ovulation or premenstrual pain, you should take some medications. It is better to be prepared because you and I both know how these things can ruin a fun outing.

What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic

Camp Table or Picnic Blanket

What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic 2You will need a camp table or picnic blanket if you want to eat outdoors and enjoy nature. Some sites have camp tables, but if you want to stay on the safe side, I encourage you to ditch those tables and bring one of your own or simply bring a picnic blanket. You have no idea how many germs are on those camp tables used by many people from all over the world. As Covid-19 continues to spread, when camping during the pandemic, it is always better to be cautious.

Several Masks

Camping during the pandemic can still include many activities like hiking, building a tent, and just walking around. However, you will sweat! If you mind wearing a sweaty mask like me, I suggest getting some extra masks with you. Also, your mask will not just get wet from sweat, but it is probably going to get dirty and muddy. Most camping sites require masks. So, bring masks even if you do not like wearing them.

Clorox Wipes

You will have to touch so many things out in the wild. You may have to touch a table, a water pipe or borrow something from someone. So, bringing Clorox wipes is a must! It is highly effective in killing germs and viruses like the flu and Covid-19. You can easily wipe anything with Clorox wipes. So when camping during the pandemic make sure to take a box with you.

washing handsHand Sanitizer

I don’t really need to tell you to bring hand sanitizer with you. It is quite obvious. Hand sanitizer is efficient in killing viruses. Just make sure it is at least 60 percent alcohol. It is recommended to use water and soap because it works better in fighting viruses and germs. But, it is kind of hard to keep washing your hands with water and soap while camping. So, hand sanitizer will do the trick.

What To Pack For Camping During The Pandemic 1Good Amount of Snacks and Food

Sharing food with others and buying food from the outdoors is very risky now. It is better to get your own food and get a good amount of it because you don’t want to get hungry and have to buy food from a food truck or borrow from someone else.


Even with Covid-19 going around, there are still so many activities to do outdoors while camping like enjoying a bonfire and hiking. But, there are some activities that may not be available. If you are planning to rent a boat near a river make sure that is still available while camping during the pandemic. Some activities are temporarily unavailable. So, plan ahead.

Camping during the pandemic still allows plenty of options. Bring a book with you or take some board games with you if you have kids. You can even play dares for kids with your children. Be creative, and enjoy your time with the people you love. Do not let the pandemic ruin the memories you have in 2021. Let us bring love and happiness to this hard year.

In Conclusion

What To Pack For Camping During The PandemicIt is important to prepare for camping during the pandemic. Being prepared will help you avoid the things that can turn a beautiful outdoor experience into a tragedy.

Staying safe is a priority, and you can still enjoy your time and spend quality time with your family by following the steps above.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and leave a comment below if you packed something extra for Covid not mentioned above. Let us help all the women out there camping during the pandemic do so safely while enjoying life!

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