WELLBEING | 12 Reads To Get Stuck Into in 2023 On Wellbeing, Nature & The Outdoors


A great book can transport you to another world, amuse, educate or inspire, and getting lost in a book is a wonderful way to while away a dreary weekend or quiet evening. Read on for some 2023 reading inspo!

The Quiet Moon: Pathways to an Ancient Way of Being by Kevin ParrThe Quiet Moon: Pathways to an Ancient Way of Being by Kevin Parr

For anyone using apps like Goodreads and setting themselves a 2023 reading challenge (I managed 38 books in 2022 and am aiming for at least 50 this year), this list of 12 books makes a great starting point.

There’s 12 recommendations, so that’s a book for every month this year, all of which are about wellbeing, nature or the great outdoors.

Published January 2023 | Not released until 5th January 2023, I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and have absolutely loved this book.

For those interested in slow living, being present in the moment and wanting to learn more about ancient earth-based beliefs, folklore and natural wisdom, you’ll find this book in turns cosy, inspiring and informative.

Published October 2022 | Exceptionally well written, highly relatable and knowledgable author Rebecca Beattie celebrates the wheel of the year and demistifies magic.

For those new to Wicca, anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with or observe Sabbats or those simply seeking knowledge and the inspiration to help them take greater notice of the seasons, this book is an excellent choice and one I’ve enjoyed hugely.

Published November 2022 | A book about the customs, traditions and folklore of the British isles that will help the reader feel more connected to the seasons. There are also some great little illustrations to enjoy in this book.

Published September 2022 | The easiest way to learn more about the seasons, the annual Seasonal Guide Almanac uses a simple month by month format and highlights some of the key things that nature is getting up to at any given time.

Providing a simple way to help you get back to nature whether you’re out on a countryside walk, star gazing or at the beach.

Published September 2022 | There are so many amazing places to see in the world, but many are blighted by huge numbers of trousists which can really spoil the vibe, not to mention the photo opportunities.

This latest offering from Lonely Planet showcases some amazing hidden gems, and whilst some could argue that simply including them in a publication like this means they’ll become busier, you can expect far fewer visitors and you’ll discover some incredible places you may not have heard of in the process.

Published May 2022 | A practical book that highlights some popular walking and swimming spots, combining classic Lakes fell walks with adventurous swims.

There’s beautiful photography to drool over too and along with directions and route maps, this book will inspire you to pull on your hiking boots, pack your swimming gear and head up to Cumbria.

Published May 2022 | This illustrated, full colour book showcases all that’s unique about the North Coast 500. With 100 of the best places to visit shown along with a simple route maps and locations, this is a fab book and will inspire you to take Britians ultimate roadtrip.

Published September 2022 | A guide to the world’s most iconic cycling routes that each provide a great sense of reward and a closeness to nature that makes bikepacking one of the best ways to explore places.

Grand Bikepacking Journeys compiles the most iconic routes that any self-respecting long-distance cyclist should aim to complete.

Published September 2022 | Described by the Telegraph as an inspirational story of love and endurance; of trails offering links to ancient times and on the future we’re shaping, Landlines is the latest book from Raynor Winn, bestselling author of The Salt Path.

Whether you’re struggling to fit in your daily steps or you’re looking for a challenge in 2023, Landlines won’t fail to inspire and features another beautiful cover design from one of my favourite artists, Angela Harding.

Published September 2022 | On Sacred Ground takes the reader on an immersive journey into Europe’s wildest and least-known places. It is a compelling tale of youthful energy and optimism, an old-fashioned adventure yarn from a time before smartphones and social media, and an inspiring true story of connection, insight and growth.

Above all, it is a celebration of the natural world – and of a young man’s quest to find his true place within it.

Published April 2022 | This foraging companion is designed to be taken with you on your adventures into the hedgerows, forests and woodland all year round.

The book is helpfully arranged by season and includes clear photographs to help you identify plants, ideas on how best to prepare and preserve your finds along with fascinating foraging and plant folklore.

Published April 2022 | Self care means so much more than just running a bath and lighting some candles, and this books is packed full of ideas to help you nurture your wellbeing.

With ideas for everyone, this book provides a great starting point in helping you look after yourself and make yourself more of a priority.

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