Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack


Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack

Pauline Alba checks out this nifty waterproof nylon pack

We all have our ways and habits and when we are encouraged to try something new, we may not always be all in when we try it. I had to admit I had some of this resistance when I was sent the Wautton Best Hiking Fanny pack. I had just purchased a lighter backpack for our day hiking trips.  Even though I really liked my backpack, I was carrying a big pack of very little stuff.

Since we hike with dogs, we are carrying extra water, snacks, bug spray, sun lotion, etc., and always need to pack out what may be deposited on the hike. I enjoy going for long hikes, but my body is never fully conditioned for them, and carrying extra on top of that can be tough.

Trying it out

Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack 2When the fanny pack arrived, we were still well into winter mode here in Minnesota and the length of our hikes were as long as we could stand being outside. I started wearing it on our walks through the neighborhood to determine my comfort level.

I was surprised at how comfortable it was around my waist. I tend to find discomfort with items around my waist pressing into my abdomen, but this was able to fit comfortably with none of that pressure. My waist measures about 120 Cm. The fanny pack is marketed to fit a waist of 80-135 cm, I still have some extension available on the belt if needed. The water-resistant material was great during our snowy drizzly walks. I did not have to worry about it being wet and would just hang it up to dry off for our next walk.

We have officially started weekend hiking weather and I decided to see what I could put in my little fanny pack for our long hikes.  This fanny pack can handle what I need for a couple of hour hikes and remains very comfortable to carry without that pressure on my upper back and shoulders.  Another benefit to wearing this is the ability to get what you need without having to take it all off.  With a backpack, you either need to ask a friend to help or take off the whole pack.

Fanny Pack Features

This fanny is made with quality. It has 6 different zipper pockets, and each zipper has a nice pull.  The fanny measures 21 cm by 25 cm wide with a depth of about 10cm at the bottom of the bag.  The website for the fanny pack states that it will hold 5 L. This is perfect for what I need on our daily hikes. There are two mesh pockets with adjustable straps to hold 20 oz water bottles.  One of my favorite features is the mesh padding on the inside of the pack. This is extremely comfortable resting against your lower back.


Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack 3Reading the reviews on the website it was great to see all the ways current customers are using this fanny pack.  I have seen a lot of dog owners enjoying the pack as I do and find that it works perfectly holding some water, treats, and bags for the daily dog walks.  Some have found that they are able to carry what they need for extended hikes and are able to bring their cook stoves with them.  Another group that has posted are bikers who enjoy the size and comfort while biking.

An option I am also considering is when traveling and feeling confident that what I need is to be close and accessible.  It would make a perfect carry-on with everything you would use during the flight. At this point, all of the reviews are positive for the fanny pack and any customer service concerns were addressed immediately.  This is a positive for me when looking at the overall quality of a product. The only “wish” would be that it could hold more water for those on longer hikes.

Ordering your Fanny Pack

The fanny pack does not just come as a regular fanny pack. The pack comes with a light suspender attachment to allow you to disperse the weight between your shoulders and around your waist. On top of the bag is a nice handle that allows you to carry it as a handbag and another attached allows you to sling it over one shoulder. Having all these options expands the ability to use the bag when traveling and always have what you need with you.

The fanny pack costs $34.90 which makes this very accessible to most hikers looking for a comfortable pack to bring on day trips or as an extra pack.  You have many options for colors from 2 different reds, blue, purple, green, and black.  The fanny can be purchased at this link.  The pack can be ordered at this site Wautton Best Mens Women Waist Hiking Fanny Packs Waterproof Nylon in 2022

Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack 1

My recommendation

As I have learned, try something new, you might like it! This pack is often moved from my car to the house to the camper. I might need to just purchase another one here soon. My only comment when it comes to “I wish” would be that the waist strap is easier to adjust. Due to the climate, I live in, my waist is not always the same size with different sweatshirts, coats, etc. Having a quick-adjust clip would make this bag perfect.

I also think some fun patterns, vs the bold colors, would increase my desire to wear them more often when traveling, but it would not stop me from purchasing another. If you are looking for something more lightweight for your day hikes, I would recommend that you check this out.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of the Wautton 2022 Waist Hiking Fanny Pack? Would you like to have this on your adventures? Perhaps you have tried this or something similar and would like to share your experience in the comments below.

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