WATCH: You’ve Never Seen a Predator Hunt Like This


Florida photographer Mark Smith captured an incredible video of a bald eagle hunting for its next meal. In the slow-motion video, you get a detailed look at the majestic bird’s wings and talons as it approaches the water, snatches a fish, and eats it in mid-air. 
Bald eagles are one of the world’s largest raptors. Their eyesight is eight times better than a human’s, and their grip is 10 times stronger than a human’s grip. Their wingspan can reach up to 7.5 feet wide, and they’re capable of soaring without flapping, a technique showcased beautifully in the video.

Smith slowed the video down to demonstrate the power and dexterity of the bird’s talons and beak as it tosses its fresh catch expertly until it reaches its final destination—its mouth—all while flying.

Check out this incredible scene:

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