WATCH: Dude Gets Absolutely Wrecked Longboarding Through a Group of Cows


A large group of cows is called a herd while a small group of cows — say six or seven — is called a kine. Either way, it’s not something that you should try to slip through. 

Longboarder and man of many things Pranal Chavan learned that the hard way. In a video that he posted on Instagram, a cow flips over Chavan as he tries to roll through the kine. 

The video shows Chavan carving down a road and heading toward the cows. But as he aims for a gap between the last cow and the rest of the group, that last cow begins to eyeball him. 

At first, the cow seems to be trying to avoid Chavan but then wigged out at the last minute. The cow jumped out in front of him and caused Chavan to jump and land on top of the cow. About a second later, the cow shook off the passenger.

In the post, Chavan wrote: “Jaldi waha se hato,” which Google translates to mean “get off that quick.”

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