Want to Stay Inside a National Park? Check out these 10 Awesome Lodges


Visiting U.S. National Parks offers a variety of experiences for outdoor lovers, but when you’re planning these trips, do you ever find yourself wondering where you’ll stay? Sure there are a number of hotels and Airbnbs just outside of the parks, and there are plenty of campsites inside the parks, but what if you want the best of both worlds? Try staying at a national park lodge. 

Here are 10 awesome options:

Zion Lodge – Zion National Park, Utah

Image by Rob Lanum

The Zion Lodge has been active since the 1920s and was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood. The Zion Lodge has 76 rooms, six suites, and 40 cabins for guests to enjoy during their trip to Zion National Park. Zion itself is a hiker’s paradise, and Zion Lodge offers you a place to stay with magnificent views of sandstone cliffs and beautiful greenery that can be found in the national park.

Whether you’re looking to get on the trails earlier or you prefer a short “commute” at the end of a busy day outdoors, the Zion Lodge is a great option that also offers a number of ranger-led activities, plus two restaurants that are open seasonally. Completed in 1925, the Zion Lodge was built to house the guests that were visiting nearby Cedar City on the Union Pacific Railroad.

Paradise Inn – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Image by Mark Stevens

Originally built in 1916, the Paradise Inn has been dubbed a U.S. National Historic Landmark. With 121 rooms and no television or cell service, Paradise Inn will allow you to get reacquainted with nature. Located 19 miles inside Mount Rainier National Park, you’ll be greeted with beautiful views of Mount Rainier during your stay anytime between mid-May and mid-September.

There are actually two lodges to choose from in Mount Rainier National Park, and Paradise Inn is the larger one. If you’re looking to stay in the off-season, you can also consider staying at the National Park Inn. Paradise Inn opened on June 1, 1917 and was designed by Heath, Grove, and Bell. 

Many Glacier Hotel – Glacier National Park, Montana

Image by Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography

Located on the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake, Many Glacier Hotel is open from early June until mid-September with 214 rooms. This historic hotel has been open since 1915 and was built in part by the Great Northern Railroad. At the time Many Glacier Hotel was built, it was the largest hotel in Montana and was considered to be the “showpiece” of the hotels near Glacier National Park.

Many Glacier Hotel was built in a Swiss Chalet style and is the most upscale lodging option in the national park. With views of Swiftcurrent Lake on one side and Grinnell Peak on the other side, the views are truly breathtaking.

Le Conte Lodge – Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina/Tennessee

Image by LeConte Lodge

Le Conte Lodge is located at 6,400 feet of elevation on Mount Le Conte, making it the highest guest lodge in the eastern United States. The Le Conte Lodge is a unique lodging experience with its spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s only accessible by hiking to it.

Le Conte Lodge is a backcountry lodge built in 1926. Though you cannot drive there, there are a handful of hiking trails that’ll take you to it. You’ll want to make sure you pack lightly because of this.

Le Conte Lodge is open from mid-March until mid-November and requires an advanced reservation. If you’re looking to get the best views within the national park, nothing beats staying in it. Offering family-style meals and cabins, Le Conte Lodge is a special place for nature lovers.

Volcano House – Hawai’i Volcano National Park, Hawai’i (Big Island)

Image by Aaron Von Hagen/Design Pics

Have you ever wanted to stay on an active volcano? If your answer is yes, head to Volcano House in Hawai’i Volcano National Park (A UNESCO Heritage Site) to stay 4,000 feet above sea level and explore the unique geologic ecosystem.

First built in 1846, Volcano House Hotel has moved and evolved over the years, with each iteration becoming more grand than the one before. The original lodge, dubbed “Pitman House” was built by Benjamin Pitman, husband of Princess Kinoʻole o Liliha Hoʻolulu, and it was open for 20 years. The most recent renovation was in 1941 after a kitchen fire, when the hotel was rebuilt by George Lycurgus.

Wuksachi Lodge – Sequoia National Park, California

Image by National Parks Service

Unlike many of the other lodges on this list, Wuksachi Lodge is open year-round. With 102 guest rooms, a picturesque dining room, and a retail shop, the Wuksachi Lodge was originally built in 1999 and has an elevation of 7,200 feet. During the winter months, Wuksachi Lodge can get snowy, and chains may be required to get there.

The Wuksachi Lodge offers cross-country skiing during the winter months. All lodging options are 100-200 yards from the main lobby and offer magnificent views of Sequoia National Park. Wuksachi Lodge offers a number of amenities, plus the spectacular opportunity to stay and play in nature.

The Inn at Death Valley – Death Valley National Park, California

Image by Walter Bibikow

Known as the Oasis in the Desert, The Inn at Death Valley has been the crown jewel of the Death Valley area since 1927. As a four-diamond-rated resort by AAA, this once-exclusive getaway was frequented by Hollywood elites like Marlon Brando and Clark Gable. The inn was recently renovated, offering a renaissance for the nearly 100-year-old hotel. As the hottest, driest, and lowest place in the United States, Death Valley is a surprisingly popular place to visit. The national park status has protected the land from excessive mining and development.

The Inn at Death Valley has been a member of the Historic Hotels of America since 2012 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Inn at Death Valley is open from mid-October until mid-May and is home to the World’s Lowest Golf Course, 214 feet below sea level. Still overflowing with 1920s charm, the inn is nestled in the Funeral Mountains and offers excellent opportunities for stargazing.

Yosemite Valley Lodge – Yosemite National Park, California

Image by Yosemite National Park

Open year-round, Yosemite Valley Lodge offers 245 traditional hotel rooms and a number of outdoor recreation opportunities and restaurants to choose from during your stay. Reservations must be made 12 months in advance. The lodge was redesigned in 1998 with glass and wood, making it blend in with the natural surroundings. The lodge has become a popular destination for families and large groups, because it offers family and bunk rooms.

With close proximity to Yosemite Falls, staying at the Yosemite Valley Lodge is a top choice for many people planning a trip to the national park. With limited Wi-Fi connection and no air conditioning, staying at the Yosemite Valley Lodge is a detox from modern life.

Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Image by GrandCanyon.com

The North Rim is the hidden gem of the Grand Canyon. Another lodge designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the Grand Canyon Lodge is built from Kaibab limestone and overlooks Bright Angel Point. In 1987, the Grand Canyon Lodge became a National Historic Landmark and offers large windows and an observation tower.

Due to the high volume of snow that the North Rim receives, this part of the Grand Canyon is only open from early June until mid-October. With higher elevation and a smaller volume of visitors, exploring and staying in the North Rim offers views of coniferous forests on top of the canyon itself. Offering hotel room accommodations and cabins, this lodge is the only accommodation on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Old Faithful Inn – Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

Image by John Morrison

If you’ve been dreaming of seeing the Old Faithful Geyser from your hotel room, staying at the Old Faithful Inn is the place for you. The grand lobby, known as the “Old House”, is one of the largest log structures in the world. Constructed in 1904, the Old Faithful Inn features a stunning view of the geyser, as well as beautiful etched glass and log detailing. 
Built from locally sourced logs and stone, the Old Faithful Inn is one of the most highly requested hotels in Yellowstone National Park. The Old Faithful Inn was designed by Robert Reamer and is now considered to be a National Historic Landmark. The lobby of the inn was meant to inspire a feeling of community and let you become one with the surrounding nature, marked by 10,000-foot peaks.

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