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Trekroll Outside

Sara Baird tries out the Trekroll.

No matter how enjoyable your travels are, a poor night of sleep can impact how you feel and what you are able to do. I have spent my fair share of nights where I found the ground was too rocky, my sleeping gear was too warm, or worse, not warm enough.  I know how much a great night of sleep can make a difference.  The first night I camped with an inflatable sleeping mat I realized how incredible a night of camping could be with a little extra comfort.  When I was offered a chance to try out the Trekroll I was excited to see what it had to offer.

What is The Trekroll?

The Trekroll is a bedroll that includes a cotton blend sleeping bag, air mattress, and duffle bag. The entire bedroll and bed weighs 11 lbs.   The air mattress has a foot pump embedded within the mattress to make it easy to use.  The sleeping bag is rated for 40 degrees Farinhight.   It measured 78″ in length x 28″ in width and has an 8″ side height intended to make the sleeping bag roomy.  The Treckroll measures 34″ in length x 10″ in diameter when it is packed inside the duffel bag.

Ready to sleep on the Trekroll

The story behind the Trekroll is an interesting one.  When they started on their journey, inspired by the desire to make comfortable and convenient sleeping gear for the casual camper in the United States, the economy slowed and they lost their manufacturer.  After struggling to find another manufacturer, they took on the production themselves.  Trekroll pays their employees a living wage and allows for a flexible schedule to provide the best for their talented staff of makers.  The company practices zero waste, regional sourcing, and eco-logistics.  Trekroll believes in giving back to make sure they are making the planet a better place.

How did it work?

The Treckroll arrived during the holiday season when I had a house full of family who have all experienced a lifetime of camping.  We were all excited to check out the Trekroll so we pulled it out right away.  The bed was quick to set up, we simply unrolled it and found the foot pump on the bottom.  It took about 2 minutes of pumping up the bed to inflate it until it was firm.   Then we tucked the mattress into the slots on the bedroll and it was ready to go.

Trekroll mattress

Before we could try it we needed to battle my dog for the bed, she was drawn to it and claimed it as hers.  I would not let her walk on the bare mattress but it held up to her nails with the bedroom on top. I appreciated that the mattress tucked into the bedroll so that I did not need to worry about her catching the mattress with her nails.

Reviewer dog with Trekroll cover

As we tried out the Trekroll we all found that the bedroll was very roomy, we had plenty of room to move around and the fabric breathed well.  I took a nap in it when everyone had gone home and found it comfortable for indoor temperatures, our house was about 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  I left the Trekroll inflated for four days to test its durability, during this time it was kicked across our floor and my dog enjoyed several naps on it.  The mat was still as firm as it was when I first inflated it.

My Recommendation

This is a nice all-in-one bedroll.  It is comfortable and easy to set up.  It will come in handy for traveling to visit people. I appreciate that I can simply bring this along and sleep on whatever floor space they have available.  It is small enough that I can also pack it in our RV to provide some extra sleeping space for guests.    It is much simpler than blowing up a large air mattress.

The fabric of the Trekroll is easy to wash and seems durable.  I like Trekroll’s recommendation to personalize the bedroll with iron-on patches or sharpies. I decided I needed to accessorize it myself and made a heat transfer vinyl decal for it.  The vinyl transferred well to the fabric and looked fantastic.  These would be fun to personalize for kids.

I enjoyed the feel of the cotton blend fabric.  I would recommend using a sheet inside of the bedroll since the white lining fabric could be difficult to keep clean and stain-free. This white fabric inside was the first thing that my family reacted to.  It can be hard to keep things clean when camping and traveling and this will show every spot of dirt. The depth of the bedroom makes it very easy to slip a sheet inside.  I appreciated the pocket that allows you to put a sweatshirt inside to make a pillow.

Living in Minnesota I would not choose this bedroll for most outdoor camping since our nights can get quite cold.  The roominess and temperature rating that make this a comfortable bed for indoors would make it difficult to stay warm while sleeping in it.  If I did use it for midsummer camping I would make sure I brought along a fleece or flannel blanket to help ensure I could stay warm.

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Completed Trekroll bed indoors

Your thoughts on the Trekroll?

What is your impression of the Trekroll? Would you like to have this on your adventures to ensure a great night’s sleep? Perhaps you have had your own outdoor experiences with this and you would like to share in the comments below.

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