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Motorhomes are one of the most convenient ways to travel. Here are some reasons why you will love traveling in a motorhome.

reasons to choose a motorhomereasons to choose a motorhome

1. Freedom and flexibility

A motorhome provides a great sense of freedom and has a relaxed feel. You can set your own schedule and it’s the kind of travel experience that adventurers love. You just need to pick your destination and set off!

2. Slow down

Modern life is busy and can be stressful, life on the road can be much more relaxed as you can live on your own schedule.

When you slow down whilst you travel in a motorhome you get so much more from the experience, so plan your itinerary by all means, but if you remain flexible and don’t try to fit too much in, you’ll really be able to make the most of your motorhome holiday.

3. Spontaneity

This type of travel allows for more spontaneity. As you drive, if you spot something that takes your fancy, a quaint little village to explore, an inviting tea shop, a walking trail or signs to a waterfall, you can be spontaneous and do whatever you feel like at the time!

4. Every day is a new day

This vehicle allows you to travel in luxury and freedom. You can go anywhere as long as you keep your car running and have enough petrol. This feeling of richness allows you to experience more.

You can be more relaxed, smile wider, and take in more destinations without a set agenda.

5. Comfort

No more awkward sleeping arrangements, squabbling between strangers or having little legroom. You’ll find all your home comforts onboard, including your bed, so you can pack your sheets, hot water bottle, and even your favorite pillow.

6. It’s a cheap way to travel

Motorhoming can provide a cost-effective holiday solution over time and a used motorhome might cost you less than you might expect.

7. Enjoy a seat in the front row

You’ll usually be camping at campsites or wild camping, just make sure wherever you choose is safe and legal to park up at over night.

You might meet other like-minded travelers, on some nights, you might find yourself in glorious solitude with only nature for company. The sunrises, sunsets and star-gazing are yours to enjoy to the full.

8. Spend more time with the people that matter

You’ll be able to spend more time with your travel companions if you travel in a group or duo because there’s less space. This is a more intimate way to travel. If you don’t know your travel companion well before you set off, it’s likely that you will once you return!

It’s difficult to find quality time these days due to technology and working from home. So, it’s not a bad thing to be forced to live in close quarters and to get away from the distractions of daily life.

You can kick back, switch off and reconnect with the things that matter, like talking, playing games, exploring the natural world and making memories.

9. All you need is right there

Everything you need is in one place so there’s no need to unpack or repack after each destination. This makes it easier to travel and more family-friendly.

Find out more reasons why motorhomes or campervans make great choices for your whole family.

10. You have less stuff

You’ll always have what you need, but space might be limited. This will make it very important to know what you can and cannot take.

If you are the only one, you don’t need to stock up on equipment. You won’t have as many plates and pots. Each will suffice. If you don’t plan on cooking, you won’t need them.

Don’t forget about the essentials like toiletries, bedding towels, wine glasses, and towels. It’s a good idea to make a list, and then double-check that you have the right amount of it. You’ll be surprised at how little you really need once you start.

Your vehicle is likely to provide more space than the typical 20-something kg hold or hand luggage bags you’re allowed to carry when you fly so you won’t need to leave anything behind. There are many clever tips and simple ways to maximize space.

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