TRAVEL | No Room At The Inn? Your Motorhome Could Be The Stable Choice This Christmas


Jake Stone, UK country manager at Goboony explains how motorhome owners can make the most of their vehicle by considering renting it out this winter.

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The happiest time of the year is just around the corner, and with 85% of Brits claiming family is the most important thing at Christmas, it’s time to consider where we’ll be tearing open those chocolates. 

Accommodation around the Christmas holidays is traditionally harder to come by and more often than not with an inflated price tag. It’s been revealed that 63% of people want Christmas to be more special this year after lockdowns last year saw many family reunions cancelled. With rumoured flight disruption this December, and a fear of recurring winter restrictions, it’s highly likely that the UK will see another surge in staycations this December.

Post-lockdown shift to travel

Last summer self-contained accommodation cost around 41% more per week in comparison to summer 2019. Price shifts like this leads travellers to look for alternative options, and that they did!

Motorhome and campervan travel has been on the steady rise for many years, but the urgent need for flexibility and social distancing accelerated this demand, and the good news is, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Even if you are not an owner yet but thinking about buying your first-ever motorhome, now – yes November – is a great time to start to not only purchase but rent out your vehicle. Not only does it allow you to take advantage of less competition and greater demand, but it is also a great opportunity to test the experience before the busier peak season. 

The sharing economy provides a unique opportunity for everyone to earn from what they have, and with the demand in the UK the highest it has ever been, you’re poised to reap lucrative rewards.

Benefits of sharing (renting) your motorhome

Motorhomes bring people great joy. Not only can you venture out onto the open road at the drop of a hat but there is the option to share that joy with others too.

The only downside is your piece of happiness, which sits on your drive for approximately nine months of the year, comes accompanied by some high running costs such as insurance, upkeep, road tax, etc. 

Hiring out your motorhome, even for less than four weeks a year, is an excellent way to contribute towards or even cover the entire costs of the vehicle. For example, hiring out a four-berth motorhome for three nights in December could earn an owner approximately £300. And this is in the low-season! Summer rentals can make an owner up to £150 per day, and there is more guarantee of bookings too.

This year, we witnessed motorhomes on our sharing platform being booked for at least 80% of the warmer months. 

As the owner of a motorhome, you will have complete control on when you hire your van out, meaning those summer months or whenever you choose to explore, will be completely at your disposal

Hiring your vehicle(s) out has never been so easy thanks to the large number of sharing platforms available – such as Goboony. Owners can remain in control of their vehicle including how much they charge and the accompanying house rules. Insurance is covered, deposits are taken, and the contracts are drawn up for you.

Rather than sitting unused on the driveway, your motorhome can be a saving grace for someone looking for the opportunity to stay closer to their family this holiday season.

Be the gift that keeps on giving. Share your motorhome and all its joy this Christmas. It could lead to an extra present under the tree this year, just for you!

DISCLOSURE | This is a guest post placed for free by Goboony.

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