Top 9 places to visit in Florida


By Ella James.

9 top places to visit in floridaWhenever we mention Florida, lots of images pop up in our minds. Florida is famous for its trackless beauty. It is the most popular place for tourists in the USA. Its championship golf courses that are scattered in all states are the main attraction for people.

Some people find Orlando’s theme park and Disneyland as their dream places. Water and sunshine lovers find many beaches here. Shoppers may find luxurious boutiques and shopping points here.

If you and your family are planning to visit a wonderful trip to the beaches of Florida, you should consider the weather and the best time of the year to have one.

This place is not only famous for its flawless advanced beauty. It has historical places too that glorify the peaceful nature of natives and their success stories. This historical background makes this place an interesting one. Florida also nurtures and is home to some natural places such as Everglades National Park. There is a comprehensive transport system to move from one place to another in Florida. But the taxi service in Kissimmee, Florida is the most suitable option if you are planning to roam about. Here is the list of the top 9 best places to visit in Florida that you should consider.

Orlando FloridaOrlando:

This place is famous for its theme parks. It has Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. They also add some water-based theme parks to attract more revenues from the tourism industry. Most families come here to visit these parks with their kids on holidays.

It has tourists throughout the year. Because of the large number of tourists here, many other industries like hotels and boutiques grow here. You can find a variety of food and fashion wear in the city market. Nearby places of this city need a one day visit by taxi. You can avail of this service to have a smooth trip to desired places.

Miami FloridaMiami:

Miami is a famous place for its breathtaking beaches that have golden sand along the Atlantic line. These beaches are wide and embedded with beautiful amenities. It has a historical attraction as well. The Art Deco Historic District has retained its great buildings from the 1930s to the 1940s. These monuments exemplify the historical importance of this city.

Miami Beach also offers high-end hotels and restaurants. You can enjoy Ocean Drive and can visit nearby beautiful Art buildings. To make your visit more productive you can hire a tourist guide or a taxi.

Everglades national park:

Ready for AdventureThis park spreads over 1.5 million acres of land and its marshy and fragile natural environment supports many species like crocodiles, alligators, Florida panthers, turtles, deer, river otters, and many other species.

This Park provides an opportunity to see wildlife in the natural environment. It is the largest park in Florida. There is also a wide river in that park that flows from the Okeechobee Lake to the Bay of Florida.

Its porous rock bottom called Tamiami Formation absorbs the rainwater and acts as a reservoir. This beautiful wildlife park takes 30 minutes on an airboat from Miami beach. You can also have an eye-catching view on an airboat through the river of the park. There are many walking trails you can take to see the unparalleled beauty of this wonderful park.


This island-type city is the hometown of many famous authors like Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, and Tennessee. Key West is a historic city at the southern tip of the USA that exhibits old-style architecture and a slow pace lifestyle.

This location has a rich culture that offers peace, a variety of cuisines, and a ship’s port with many entertainment options. Duval Street here offers a variety of boutiques, food courts, and some historic houses. The most famous attraction here is the Wreck Museum which describes the stories of salvaging. If someone is interested in the ocean ecosystem, he can visit Dry Tortugas National Park there.


Naples is an upscale area with an amazing beach stretch along Florida’s Gulf Coast. It has elegant houses and luxurious resorts and downtown it has maintained the feel of a quality small city. The specialty of this city is its trendiest restaurants and boutiques. The beaches in Naples are the best in the state. Naples Pier is a must for tourists as you can interact with dolphins without a boat.

Tampa FloridaTampa:

It is located in the west of Florida. This place is famous for family visits because of its many wildlife-filled attractions.

It has a Busch Garden that has a zoo as well. This beautiful garden is the best amusement park with lots to offer. If you are an animal lover, you should visit Tampa Zoo here.

Families with growing kids can visit Glazer Children’s Museum, which focuses on creative learning and plays. If you want to be familiar with the world of technology you should visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

Fort Myers:

This is a top sightseeing historic area that is also called River District. This place offers lots of shopping and dining options with many other historic places. IMAG History and Science Center provides you a chance to touch wildlife like Alligator. You will have many on-hand exhibits. One of them is a Fort Myers visit in 3D virtual reality. Alongside, you can visit the nearby beaches here and many sports courts.

Kennedy Space Center:

This place resides on 140,000 acres and is an amazing place if you have a scientific mind. You can gain plenty of information regarding the activities of NASA and learn here about the horizons of space while enjoying astronaut’s ice cream.

St. Augustine:

man waiting for flightThis city has charming cafes, many historical places, and several museums to visit. You can have dinner at lamp-lit restaurants and move in horse carriage through historic places. This wonderful fantasy is waiting for your visits to offer you its preserved old beauty.

In short, Florida is an amazing state to visit if you want to explore a dynamic culture and enriched history. You can find beaches, shopping malls, sports courts, restaurants, museums, theme parks, and historical places here. You can hire a taxi service to get access to the places without trouble.

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