Tips to Protect Your Skin in Your Outdoor Adventures


Protect Your Skin in Your Outdoor Adventures

By Elizabeth Jett.

With the summer heat coming up, many people are starting to get ready for their outdoor adventures. Whether you are hiking through a forest or kayaking down a river, there are some things that you should know to protect your skin in the great outdoors. After all, it is hard to ignore the perfect weather and fail to engage in outdoor activities.

What Is the Importance of Protecting Your Skin from The Sun?

The sun is one of the most potent forces on earth, but it isn’t always easy to protect yourself from its harmful rays. The rays can affect everything from your skin to your eyes. So, it’s essential to know the risks and how you can protect yourself to have a safe, fun time outside with friends or family members.

UPF and SPF clothing for Sun Protection

They are an excellent choice for active people looking to protect their skin from the sun while being comfortable.

  • UPF clothing is designed to block out 95% of harmful rays, which provides a higher level of protection than sunscreen alone.
  • SPF fabric offers additional protection that you can use in conjunction with other forms of sun care or by itself.

You can use UPF and SPF fabric to make your clothing and hats for sun protection. You need to be creative and careful in making your items of clothing. There are many methods that you can use to create one. Check the list below for more information.

  • making outdoor gearDye resin treatment
    This is the most common way to make sun-protective clothing. You can use this method by dipping your fabric in a solution of particular chemicals formulated for UV protection, or you can also paint it on directly. These chemically treated materials have limited SPF values so remember to check what value they offer before purchasing.
  • Dye-sublimation printing
    This method is used for making dyed fabrics and transferring the printed pattern to a piece of cloth without affecting its UPF properties. It’s expensive, but you can use it if you want high SPF values that go as high as 50+. Just be sure to check with your supplier first before using this type of method.
  • Inkjet printing for fabrics
    This requires a unique ink formulation to make it work and is used by people who want high SPF materials without the expensive cost of dying fabric or using sublimation printing. Although this technique yields lower UPF values, you can get them as low as 15 up to 50+, which is enough for most purposes.
  • Photocatalytic treatment and photo crosslinking
    This method uses ultraviolet light to create chemical bonds that make the fabric highly resistant to degradation from UV rays and will protect you even after washing. This kind of fabric can last as long as it’s not exposed directly under sunlight. It also offers higher UPF values which can go as high as 70 and above.

Other Methods of Sun Protection

There are other ways to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, such as:

Water Intake

Taking water is the best way to protect yourself, not to mention how healthy it is to drink water. Dehydration can be dangerous, and the best way to counter it is by taking water, especially during hot seasons when the body loses water through sweating. Bear in mind that engaging in activities when it’s hot will require lots of cooling.


To start with, you need good sunscreen that will keep both UVA and UVB rays away from your skin. This is an effective method, but you have to be generous in the application. Make sure that you apply it in all the areas of your body exposed to the sun. Do it after every few hours for maximum protection and results.


They are not only fashionable but come in different styles and designs. You can use it for extra protection since it will beautifully shield your face from the sun’s rays. Make sure you go for a hat with a suitable fabric to avoid sweating.

Sunglasses and Umbrella

An umbrella is a great way to protect yourself from the sun since it can also be used as a shade. There are also sunglasses with UV protection that you can purchase to shield yourself. The result will be the protection of your skin and eyes from the sun.

When prepping for your next outdoor adventures such as traveling, hiking, or camping, make sure you include all of these sun protection essentials in your packing checklist.

Benefits of Sun Protection

The benefits of protecting your skin from the sun include

  • preventing early onset of wrinkles and aging
  • reducing your risk for skin cancer
  • lessening the appearance of sunspots or age spots
  • preventing hyperpigmentation
  • protecting your skin from further sun damage and preventing it from becoming more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

What You Are Preventing from Keeping Your Skin Safe

By keeping your skin safe, you are preventing your skin from becoming more sensitive to the sun’s rays, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, age spots and signs of cancerous cells.

How to Enjoy Time Outside While Staying Safe

The sun is usually associated with summer and fun in the great outdoors. However, we can’t forget about our health while enjoying time outside during this season! We should always wear protective clothing and sunscreen when spending extended periods in direct sunlight to avoid severe damage to our skin. Here are tips to stay safe and protect your skin while under the sun:

Sunscreen is the number one defense against skin cancer. So, make sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before heading outside for an extended period.

If water activities will be part of your routines, be sure to use a waterproof variety that won’t wash off while swimming or sweating.

Put on sun-protective clothing or a wide-brimmed hat to avoid sunburns.

Be aware of your surroundings when spending time outside during the summer months. Make sure you are not too close to hot objects that emit UV rays, such as the grill or a hot car, which can cause skin cancer.

Avoid tanning beds at all costs. The effects of artificial UV rays are just as bad for your skin and put you at risk of developing melanoma down the line.

Snack on items that are high in antioxidants like blueberries, tomatoes, watermelon, oranges and pretty much all fruits and vegetables.

Make sure to drink plenty of water when spending time outside in the heat. This will help you stay hydrated.

Do you have other tips to Protect Your Skin?

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