The Women’s Heated Vest 7.4V from Venustas


Womens heated vest

By Pauline Alba.

Christmas in July is how I felt when I received my newest item to review.  When the temperature is in the high 80s and the air conditioning was running non-stop, I received the Women’s Heated Vest 7.4V from Venustas.

Christmas for me is snow, wind, and freezing temperatures, and when that vest came, I was ready to skip the rest of summer and go straight to winter.   I sat in my air conditioning feeling the heat on my neck, shoulders, and abdomen.  Now that Minnesota has finally reached fall weather, I have been looking for opportunities to wear my new heated vest.

Venustas – The Company

Heated vest 2Venustas is a company established to help people continue to enjoy the outdoors, even if the outdoors is making it a challenge.  They strive to develop products to allow you to continue to explore in any cold conditions you may experience.  In addition, providing comfort is a must.

So far, they have created over 40 products, sold over 300K items, and sell in over 8 countries.  The items they sell range from heated parkas, vests, gloves, hoodies, and long underwear.

When I review an item, I like to investigate the company and find reviews to help me determine if this is a company I can support. I found a couple of comments about the battery life and heating elements, but the customers that contacted the company were pleased with the customer service.

This company is very serious about its products and offers both an affiliate program and an ambassador program.  If you find their products a benefit to your life and have a strong base of followers check their program out!  If you just really enjoy their products, they have a membership program where you can earn points for future purchases.

I am thinking that I may benefit from participating in this program myself.  You can find all the details on all their products and programs at

Women’s Heated Vest 7.4V

Living in Minnesota one would think I would have all the warm gear to get me through our winters.  I have always believed I was tough standing in the middle of the frozen lake with the wind blowing so hard you could not keep your eyes open, but if you didn’t, they might freeze shut.  Or going to opening day at the Twins baseball outdoor stadium with a temperature of 40F.

As I have become older, the cold is getting harder to take, and trying out the Women’s Vest 7.4V I knew was a game changer.  This vest is heated in the collar, and on the upper front and back of the shoulders and middle back and abdomen. The vest includes 6 heating panels in total.

Venustas Heated VestThere are 3 levels of temperature, High(130F/55C) Medium(113/45C), and low(95F/35C).  On low, the power supply will last up to 10 hours, vs 3hrs on high.  The power source has a pocket in the back of the vest to connect it to the vest.  In addition to providing heat for the vest, it has a type C charging port for any electronic devices that may need charging.

The vest is water and wind-resistant and it all packs up in a waterproof bag to carry along on any trips or store during the summer months.  The outside of the vest is nylon material and lined with mylar thermal. Women’s sizes range from xs to 3xl.

The vest that I have sells for $159.00 and it includes the power source and all materials needed to charge it. If you are like me and might wear it for long periods of time, an additional battery pack is available for $69.99.  Free shipping is available for the US and Canada. They offer a one-year warranty on the battery and a 2-year warranty on the heating element inside.

My review

I always get a little nervous when ordering clothes online as I am never sure if they will fit when they come.  I ordered the vest hoping I would have better luck with the item fitting.  I am extremely pleased that the sizing is true to the advertising.  I can wear a light sweatshirt under the vest, and it fits under my jackets and raincoat. The vest has a great length coming down past your hips and with a longer section in the back.

I found the vest to be very comfortable and easy to use.  Once the battery is plugged in, you control the temperature with a button on the left chest.  Even if you are wearing multiple layers it is a great location to access.  In addition, the button lights up so that you can see what temperature setting your jacket is on.

The vest is high quality with great zippers, soft material, and it looks great. My favorite way to wear the vest is to turn it up on high, feel my muscles relax, and return it to low to stay warm. Thanks to our falling temperatures the vest had been used often.  The ability to stay out around the campfire without fearing my muscles will become tight is a great feeling.

Heated Vest 1

I have also used this on multiple hikes with my dogs.  Even if you get a little warm, I found opening the vest to cool off, allowed me to keep the heat on the neck and shoulders. I had mentioned other products they offer.  When I saw the V-neck vest, I was very interested thinking this would be great to wear under a sweatshirt when the weather is cooler.

I am also interested in the fleece vest with the 6 panels, which would keep my neck and shoulders warm, but maybe without some of the bulk that comes in the 7.4V.  There are multiple options available for heated clothing, and Venustas is a company that you can trust.  Take a look, put it on your Christmas list, or sign up for the V+member club and see if you can earn some points to make this your new purchase.

Have you tried this heated vest or one like it?

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