The Summer of Extreme Weather Continues


This summer has been a weather rollercoaster, from flash floods to record-high temperatures.

In the latest updates on impacts in National Park areas, Saratoga National Historic Site is closing an entrance and some hiking trails after more rain in Upstate New York. 

This storm comes after historic flooding hit both New York and Vermont. The recent storms stranded hundreds of people and washed out roads. Sections of the Appalachian Trail and several parks also saw damage. 

Flooding in Saratoga National Historical Park

With this latest storm, officials from Saratoga say the damage is bad enough that the closures are indefinite as they assess the damage.

On the other side of the country, extreme temperatures brought Death Valley National Park close to setting a new all-time high temperature. Tourists flocked to the area to experience the heat, but the final reading at 128 degrees fell short of setting a new record. 

However, the lingering heat set another temperature at midnight on Monday in Death Valley. The 120 degrees set a new record for heat at that part of the day.

Park Rangers in Death Valley and at parks around the country continue to warn visitors to prepare to stay hydrated and avoid being outside at the hottest parts of the day.

Europe is also experiencing extremes this summer and could break records today with high temperatures and fire danger across the Medterrian region. The triple-digit heat could leave the City of Rome with a new record today. The heatwave is also not helping fire crews in places like the Canary Islands and Greece battle wildfires.

While not directly weather-related, Iceland continues to watch a volcanic eruption that started more than a week ago.

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