The Sansbug Pop Up Tent (2 models)


The Sansbug Pop Up Tent

Pauline Alba puts the Sansbug Pop Up Tent to the test

I had the joy of growing up with a camping family.  So many memories of sleeping in the tent and spending all day outside.  This was something that my husband and I made sure that our kids enjoyed as well.

One thing I don’t remember when I was younger was the bugs.  As my kids grew, so did the size of the lumps from mosquito bites. Every night as we sit by the campfire, the mosquitoes start to change the ratio of humans to flying minibeasts. At some point my mom would always say, let us go inside and play a game until the mosquitos go to bed. I am not sure if she has some superpowers, but they always did.

Having this experience, I forget that others may not have the outdoor resilience I do. I thought it was a great idea to bring my friend on a girl’s weekend to one of my favorite places in Minnesota. We rented this super cute cabin tent all set up with cots and mini luxuries. Once we entered, we realized we were not alone. We had about a hundred daddy-long leg spiders in the tent with us.

Why do I recall this story? I just received the Sansbug pop-up screen tent, and I instantly knew this would have changed my experience…or more so my friends’ experience. My friend may have had a couple of traumatic nights, but her outdoor resilience grew.

The Sansbug Pop Up Tent

When I was first introduced to the Sansbug pop-up tent all I could think about was the little tents I would buy my kids to play in.  As I started to research the company and was able to play with the tents they sent me, my mind exploded to the potential of this little tent. I am not sure my review can stand up to all the reviews and pictures you can find on the Sansbug pop up tent website.

Check out their website if you are intrigued to see the potential and the positive, they have done in certain communities. These pop-up tents have been all over the world. They are great for protecting your young ones during the picnic in the park, boy and girls scouts at camp, father/son fishing trips, and a lazy evening watching the stars.

Check out a brief video introducing the Sansbug Pop Up Tent below:

[embedded content]

If you plan to use them as an overnight tent, make sure to order the rain tarp for added protection. They come with 2 different floors based on your potential use. To use it as a tent it may be recommended to order the tarp floor, but if you plan to put on a bed or cot for insect protection, order the poly floor for a quiet night.

The Sansbug Pop Up Tent for 1 person
Inside the Sansbug Pop Up Tent for 1 person

Another decision to make is the size of the tent to buy. When I was asked to review the tent, I asked to be sent the 3-person, thinking my husband and I could use this for overnight trips.  They sent both the 1-person and 3-person! They sent 1 person to make sure that I would be able to fold up the pop-up tent. I am going to guess that the number 1 concern of customers is the struggle to put them away. Do not let this stop you, they have great directions and HIGHLY encourage you to watch the videos before even trying.

Of course, I am a tester and would have to try it on my own first. I will admit I was successful, but I will also HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video first. These tents are meant to increase your enjoyment of life, not add more stress. One comment I read often was to have your young people practice putting them away if you plan to send one with them if you are not able to help them take the tent down.

Sansbug Pop Up Tent covers.
Sansbug Pop Up Tent covers.

Tent Details

The tents weigh between 3 and 5 lbs. but the diameter of a folded tent ranges from 2-3 ft. it will not fit easily in any luggage. There are directions in which you can switch it from a 3-fold to a 4-fold and decrease the diameter for easier packing. The 1-person tent has a height of 35 inches and a length of 6ft. The 2 and 3-person increase in both heights up to 3.6 ft and 8 ft in length for the 3-person. The cost of the tents is very reasonable, from 54.95 to 89.95 and the rain tarp ranges from 39.95 to 59.95.

My Review

Sansbug Pop Up Tent for 3 people
Inside the Sansbug Pop Up Tent for 3 people.

I took the Sansbug pop up tent (both of them) out for our camping trip last weekend.  They are easy to transport and store when not in use.  I started with the 3-person. Pop up was a simple task, and it comes with stakes to secure it. Depending on the ground and winds you may want to upgrade stakes for more stability. I took out my blanket and pillow and had an amazing nap in the shade.

One thing that I really liked was how much screen there was on the tent. It will not give you a lot of shade but allows the wind to blow through. The wind will make the top of the tent move a bit.  It had rained the night before and the grass was still a little damp. With the tarp floor, I had no issues.

After my nap we put up the single person tent. It was comfortable with one person, but you did notice the shorter length and it felt a little tighter. This may not be the most comfortable tent if you are close to 6 feet tall. I must admit after my first success putting the 3-person tent away, I was overconfident. I have watched the videos that are great, but I did not take notes and I did not practice with the video.

The 1 person was quick and easy and if you let the poles tell you what to do it works great. The 3 person is easy to fold into a larger circle but takes a bit more work to get into the package it comes with. With my luck we had no cell service, and I left the papers at home. After some patience and being cautious it was put away. The directions are now slipped in with the tent for future use. It is simple to do, but please listen to the company and avoid your own frustration by practicing a couple of times before you take it out.

I had a lot of interest in what I was doing at the campground as well. Many families made a note to check the Sansbug Pop Up Tent out. Overall, this was a wonderful experience with the tents, and I think more than anything I am impressed with the company. I was drawn into the passion they have for their tents, their vision for their company, and the language they use on the website and written directions. They genuinely believe in their product. Now I am off to order the screen fly for the 3-person tent to add to my adventures!

Your thoughts?

What is your impression of the Sansbug Pop Up Tent? Would you take this instant set up along on your adventures? Perhaps you have used this tent before and would like to share your experience in the comments below.

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