The comfortable Airbedz Backseat Mattresses


Pittman Outdoors designs mattresses for a wide range of circumstances. James Pittman, the owner was inspired to design the AirBedz mattresses by uncomfortable nights spent on a regular air mattress in the back of his truck. Airbedz mattresses come in many shapes and sizes with different functions. Last winter I tried out the XUV mattress in my Outback and found it incredibly easy to use and comfortable so I was excited when I was asked to try out two more mattresses. I was sent the Inflatable Airbedz Backseat Mattresses for both the full-size truck and for the car to try for this review.

The Airbedz Backseat Mattresses

Airbedz Backseat Mattresses full size in bag.
Airbedz Backseat Mattresses full size in bag.

The Inflatable Backseat Mattress for full-size vehicles fits full-size trucks & SUV’s. It is 60” long and 35.5” wide. It comes with a pump for inflation, an air pillow, a patch kit with glue,  and a carrying bag.

It can hold up to 300 lbs. This mattress comes in two separate pieces, the mattress that goes over the seats and a piece that fills the foot-well from the mattress to the floor.

The Airbedz Backseat Mattress for mid-size vehicles will fit mid-size trucks, cars, SUV’s and Jeeps. It is 55” long, and 35.5 inches wide. It also comes with a pump for inflation, air pillow, and carrying bag. This mattress is one piece, the piece that fills the foot-well between the mattress and the floor is attached.

Fit- Ease of Use & Inflation, and Deflation

Both of the Airbedz backseat mattresses came with a portable pump to air up the mattresses. I needed to plug the pumps into the 12-volt receptacles in the vehicles to run the pumps. The instructions said to air up both mattresses outside of the vehicle then put them inside. I did try airing up the car mattress while it was placed in the backseat and it worked just fine even though the cord barely reached.

The Airbedz backseat mattresses nozzle
The nozzle.

The instructions for the full-size mattress that came in two pieces said to partially inflate both pieces and then to connect them. This was challenging but accomplished after a little practice. The first time I tried I could not get the pieces together so I tried them without connecting them and found the pieces fit so tightly into the backseat that they didn’t move apart. The mid-size mattress was considerably easier to inflate since it was in one piece.

I used the full-size mattress in a Ford F250 with a crew cab. To fit the mattress in the backseat I needed to move the front seats forward a bit. Once they were out of the way the mattress fit in the backseat perfectly. I used the mid-size mattress in a Suburu Outback. I had to move the seats all the way forward in order to fit the mattress. I left it overnight and actually forgot it was in there. I was running late the next morning and had to drive to work with it inflated in my backseat. I was able to push my seat far enough back to do this.

To deflate the mattresses I was able to attach the pump and turn it to reverse to pull the air out. This went fairly quickly. I still needed to set the mattresses on the ground and roll them up while pushing out additional air when this was done. I struggled to fit both mattresses back into the carrying bag after rolling them up.



These were both comfortable  Definitely far more comfortable and roomy than sleeping on the backseat of your vehicle. The mid-size in my car was a tight fit, I am 5’ 6” and found the extra inches over the foot-well essential for me to fit in the backseat. The truck was really comfortable for me. The air pillows that came with it were better than nothing but were not exactly comfortable.



The weight limit on both the Airbedz backseat mattresses is 300 lbs. While testing out the full-size mattress in the truck my husband climbed in to try it as well. We exceed the weight limit by a considerable amount and the mattress held up. The cloth on these is heavy-duty and they appear to be very sturdy. They won’t easily be popped. The plugs and other components also appeared to be built to last.

My Recommendation on the Airbedz backseat mattresses

Airbedz backseat mattresses folded out in yard
One of the Airbedz Backseat Mattresses folded out in the yard.

While sleeping in my backseat would be my last resort the Airbedz backseat mattresses would make the difference between no sleep and a decent night’s sleep. These can easily pay for themselves by avoiding a hotel stay one night so the price is reasonable.

After experiencing the ease and comfort of the XUV mattress these felt a little difficult to set up and put away. They would take considerable practice to do any sort of stealth camping so you would need to take that into account if you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you are sleeping in your vehicle.

The Airbedz backseat mattresses would be a great way to turn your vehicle into an extra bedroom for a kid if you are tenting or sleeping in a camper.

Airbedz backseat matresses in place
One of the Airbedz Backseat Mattresses in place, ready to go.

Overall I was impressed with the durability of the Airbedz backseat mattresses. I appreciate that they were designed to make a night in your backseat much more comfortable. I recommend them if you have a need to turn your backseat into a bed.

It was great to try out more high-quality products from Pitman Outdoors Airbedz. You can find the Airbedz backseat mattresses along with their other beds for vehicles, camping, and more at or their Amazon store.

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