The Best Way To Cut Watermelon


If you search on Instagram for “the best way to cut watermelon,” you’ll find a video showing a woman slicing the skin off the fruit or vegetable and then dicing up the insides. 

In another, a Danish woman slices her watermelon into “sticks” while the song of “Watermelon Sugar High” by Harry Styles plays in the background. 

Yet another video highlights a specially made fork, which you stab into the red watermelon flesh and carve away. Of course, in that one, the person using the tool is also letting his or her cat eat the melon. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any survey data or statistics to quantify the best way to cut watermelon, but to help answer the question, we looked to the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) and reviewed the highest-ranking videos on social media. 



The classic triangular sliced watermelon is possibly the easiest way to cut a watermelon. You cut the melon into quarters and then slice off strips bit by bit. In the end, they’ll look like pizza slices. 

The NWPB gets a little spicy, though, by saying you should insert a wooden stick into each piece (through the skin) and freeze it to create watermelon popsicles. 


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Some people think removing the skin and slicing up the watermelon into cubes is great, and they’re right. It is great. It’s great to eat or add to a fruit salad. 

The easiest way to cube a watermelon is to first slice off the skin, including the white rind, and then cut the watermelon into slices. Afterward, remove a few slices at a time and cut those into strips. Turn the strips and cut them into cubes. 


Watermelon sticks might be the most practical method. The NWPB calls it “the ultimate cut for snacking.” To cut your watermelon into sticks, you first cut it in half. Next, cut it into 1-inch slices, rotate the melon, and then cut it into cubes. 


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Watermelon cutouts might be the most wasteful method, but it might also be the most fun. All you need are some cookie cutters. 

To make watermelon cutouts, start by cutting the watermelon into slices, meaning don’t cut it in half or quarter it. With a sheet of watermelon, insert your cookie cutter and you’re left with fun-shaped treats. 

The Best Way to Cut Watermelon

As is the case most often, the best way to cut watermelon is entirely subjective. It’s whatever way you enjoy eating it.

What’s your favorite way to cut watermelon? Tell us in the comments below. 

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