The 10 Best Camping Places In Europe


By Opal Miyamoto.

At some point, we all need to take time out and get away from what we’ve created for ourselves as our daily lives. However, what’s a vacation if you are not going camping? And what’s camping if you are not doing it at the best camping sites in Europe.

Talk about the Atlantic coast, the exotic Greek islands, and many other campsites across Europe. You can enjoy the sun of Paris, Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Italy, or you visit the high alpine mountains across Austria, Slovenia, and Switzerland. No matter what activity you prefer or the site you want, there’s something for everybody on the continent. So whether you’re taking your tent with you, or you’re going out in a campervan, there’s a lot of Europe to experience.

Whether you want to rough it out in a wooden or mountainous terrain, or you prefer a riverside, there’s a campsite for you. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 of the best camping places in Europe.

  1. Huttopia Senonches

10 best camping places in Europe

This campsite in Eure-et-Loire in France is one of the most exciting camping places in Europe. This campsite is a spacious encampment with nature at the fore. It has a swimming lake, but apart from this, it’s also an excellent site for nature-related activities. Even though it’s not far from Paris, it leaves you with no reason to want to visit.

Some of the many activities you can do on this camping site are hiking, mountain biking, and horse-riding. There’s also the Etang de Badouleau, adjacent to the camp if you want to go fishing. You can also go through the forest, following nature trails and executing your treasure hunt.

There’s a lot of forethought to this site, so you don’t have to struggle for warmth. It also has a BBQ meeting point and ready-made bivouac, where you can socialize.

Other side attractions include sport tournaments organized during the high season and weekday morning clubs with art. Children are also kept occupied with nature-based plays. The evening program for adults consists of an outdoor cinema, storytelling, board games, and live music to keep you refreshed.

This site is a very secure spot for everyone, including women, children, and families as a whole. It’s open from May – October, but the best time to visit is June and July when the summer peaks.

  1. Moulin de la Geneste

Moulin de la GenesteThis campsite rests on 10 acres of land but has only about 45 camping pitches, with the rest of it being long grasses and unmanaged woodlands. The camping areas provide you with space to pitch your tent or park up your motorhomes for the night. The activities include storytelling, treasure hunts, floating candles on the lake, brushing and feeding ponies, etc. There are managed footpaths that lead to the woods, trees, and quiet picnic areas for adults. At the same time, the kids can find streams to splash and dabble in.

The chalet is open round the year, but camping is only available from April to October.

  1. Park Grubhof

Park GrubhofThis is one of the most extensive campsites in Austria, lying on more than 10 acres. It is centered around a vast meadow often covered by alpine flowers in the summers and creates a beautiful natural feeling for campers.

The spacious field of Park Grubhof gives one of the best views of the Loferer Steinberg range. Campers can watch the sunset between the Loferer Alm and the Breithorn or listen to the river’s splashes. It also has several superb facilities such as the shower blocks.

The riverside has a lot of pitches divided into dog-friendly and dog-free areas and family areas. These riverside areas give you the back-to-nature vibe, especially when you’re lying back and admiring the mountain scenery.

  1. Nicolas Camping

Nicolas CampingThis campsite is a former orange grove, but it still has orange and mulberry trees that provide natural arbors for several enchanting, sleepy hollows. Although this site lacks swimming pools, a tennis court, and other sophistication that you’ll get in other campsites, it has a luscious setting that makes up for it. Unfortunately, there are not many campsites where you can pluck ripe oranges with ease from leafy canopies and plop in the nearby sick-calm bay.

This site has a lot of privacy and is ideal for a couple’s timeout. If you enjoy underwater site-seeing, then this is the right site for you. There are lots of sights, including sea urchins and the remains of an ancient city. This site is open from April to October, and you get the best view in the summer.

  1. Auto Camp Mala Milna

Auto Camp Mala MilnaThere are not many campsites as enjoyable as the Mala Milna camp in Croatia. One of the beautiful things about this site is its proximity to the island. However, that’s not all. Mala Milna has exclusive beaches set in a fabulous and affordable location that make it a worthwhile spot.

Campers tend to set up their pitch at Mala Milna on their journey to the island’s Peljesac Peninsular, and it’s just right for them. However, if you’re looking for a site to enjoy the sun by the beachside, this is an ideal location for you.

  1. Koren campsite

Koren campsiteThis is one of the most exciting campsites that you can find in the whole of Slovenia. It has a magnificent setting, just on the bank of river Soca and surrounded by the Julian Alps, beautiful waterfalls, gorges, and canyons.

It was also recognized for its sustainability with an Ecolabel award for sustainable tourism. So, if you are pro-green earth, you know where to go for your camping already. It has several tent pitches and other beautiful wooden eco-lodge where two or more people can stay. There are several activities on offer at this site, but most are water-based. The highlight of these activities is kayaking. There’s also a climbing wall that resonates well with kids.

  1. Le Clos du Lac, Provence, France

Le Clos du Lac, Provence, FranceThis is one of the best campsites in France and is also one of the best in Europe. It is surrounded by mountains and allows up to 50 pitches. This campsite is set in Ecrins national park and is perched at 1.5 km, making it a mountain site. This means that you’ll get some of the best views you can get anywhere in the world, right from your tent door and through the several picture-perfect outdoor activities and experiences.

If you’re a fan of fishing and swimming, then this site is just ideal, being a short walk from Serre-Poncon lake. There’s also the Boscodon forest nearby if you want to go hiking. The campsite also has a play arena for kids, a volleyball court, a botanical garden, etc. It has all you can ask for at a camp.

  1. Le Chant-hibou

Le Chant-hibouThis is another campsite in France, but not an inferior one by any means. It is a small but spacious camping place set on a farm to serve as a petting zoo for children to cuddle up the animals. The attraction here is the animals you get to play and relate with, but you can make time for some storytelling and swim in the pool.

The best time to visit this site is in the summer when there are several daily activities to enjoy, such as egg collection, face painting, making cookies, storytelling at a campfire, and tractor riding. This is a flat site with a pool for swimming. There’s also a toddler’s pool, so your kids can also have fun while you watch over them.

  1. Landgoed de Barendonk

Landgoed de BarendonkThis campsite in Beers, Netherlands, is set in woodland and allows up to 30 pitches. It is a dairy farm with patches of green fields with lots of moat surrounding it. It has a vast space for caravans and campers, but there’s also an exclusive area for tents. It also has a sitting room in case of bad weather, where you can sit, eat, dry your clothes, and plan the next day’s event. Geocaching, hiking, and cycling are some of the activities that you can experience in this camp. In addition, there’s a rentable GPS on-demand if you want a treasure-hunt challenge.

  1. Camping de la Cascade

Camping de la CascadeThis campsite in Belgium is a riverside camp. So, you are open to several river-based activities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing, and land-based activities such as cycling, trail running, strolling or biking through the landscape, etc. However, it is a small campsite in Ardennes sitting on the Ambleve river. If you’ve heard about Belgian beer and you want to try it out, this site allows you to do this – with 15 different options at the on-site bar.


Whether you’re new to it or not, camping will always be worth it. Picking a suitable campsite can also influence your overall experience, so we made a list of some of the best camping places in Europe for the best experience.

Which of these 10 Best Camping Places In Europe is your favorite?

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