Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel Review

Tesalate sand free beach towel
The Tesalate sand free beach towel

Reviewer Pauline Alba tries out the Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel


Water seems to be the area that I find myself most content. It does not matter if I am sitting next to a still lake, flowing river, or rolling ocean. I love it all. It is possibly why I spent 20 years of my life teaching water safety and helping people to learn to swim. I have spent a lot of time being wet.

Even though I have spent most of my past career in the water, when I plan vacations, I am always trying to find water that I can enjoy. In the summer I love getting in my kayak and finding a beach to have lunch on. On winter vacations it tends to be a warmer ocean beach that I find my spot.

Receiving the product

When I was asked to review the Tesalate sand free beach towel and workout towel, I was excited but a little apprehensive. I have tried many of the swimming towels and never really attached to any of them. I was able to pick my pattern from many very fun designs and my order arrived quickly.

This was surprising as it came from Australia to Minnesota USA (pretty much the middle of North America). This was also during the time of all the shipping delays. When I was asked to review the towel, it was also the middle of winter in Minnesota, and I warned that it would be a while before it would see any sand to complete my review.

Swimming Pool Test

Tesalate sand free beach towel 2My first impression was one of curiosity. The towels were very thin and being a larger woman, I was concerned about the size of 160cm by 80cm. The texture was very different from any towel I had ever used. Since there was no beach to visit, I brought the Tesalate sand free beach towel and workout towel to the swimming pool with me. I kept the smaller workout towel 100cm X 45 cm poolside to use to wipe off my face and hands during the swim. It made a great first impression and I was excited to try the larger one after I showered.

One of my struggles having worked in the water for so long was having to get out of the water, dry off and dress for the rest of the day. Often having to wear more of a business style of clothing. I always struggled getting dry. It seemed most towels moved the water down my arm, but never dried me off. The Tesalate beach towel was a very different story. I was immediately dry and able to get dressed right away.

When it states ultra-absorbent on the website, it is true to its word. I enjoyed the ultra-absorbency this towel had. At this point, the towel had won me over and has come to the pool for every swim I take. I can hang the towel up next to my suit and it is dry the next day to be used again.

Testing at the beach

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel 3Now that I had the Tesalate sand free beach towel, I had to encourage a spring break trip so that we could test it out on a beach. The first thing I packed was my Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel and Workout towel! The towel was great to have with me. It came in a small drawstring bag that makes it easy to carry around and while both towels had their own bag, I was able to put both in the one bag.

Once I started using the Tesalate sand free beach towel, I realized that it was a great size. I can wrap it around my waist with overlap and it comes just above my knees, it could even pass as a skirt. It was perfect to lay on as a barrier between the sand and your body.

My husband and I often sat together on the towel and while the sand was sometimes damp, you never really felt it through the towel. Again, due to my size I was concerned that I would not have enough towel when laying on the beach, but it was a nice size considering how easy it is to transport. If you find that you would like to have a larger size, then order the XL or towel for two! When it was time to leave, we would shake it out and stuff it back in the bag and hang it up later in the hotel.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I forgot to wash the towel after my trip and grabbed it the next time I was headed to the pool. When I grabbed the bag with the towel in it, I realized that the last time I had used it was at the beach. I pulled it out thinking I would now have sand in the shower with me. There was NO sand on that towel. It had all shaken off and I was able to use it to dry off.

In addition, there was no smell on the towel. After using it for 3 days at the beach most towels would not be in any shape to be used again. Most of the Tesalate sand free towels reviews on their website will repeat much of what I have said. One comment is that if the towel becomes very wet the sand is harder to get off. I ended up not testing that situation out.

Tesalate Towels

Tesalate is an Australian company formed when a frustrating trip from a beach led to an innovative idea. After 18 months of research to find that perfect towel, the Tesalate sand free beach towel was made. The towel is made from a trademarked Absorblite Fabric that is rapid drying, repels sand, and can hold 1 liter of water.

In addition, it is very lightweight and rolls up into a compact carrying bag. The Tesalate Sand Free Beach towel comes in two sizes of 160cm by 80 cm for $59.00 and the XL for Two of 160 by 160cm for $99.00. The workout towel (100cm by 45 Cm) boasts its ability to be antibacterial and odor free for $35.00. Currently there is free delivery and a guarantee you will receive the towel within 5 days. The towels can be found at this link: https://www.tesalate.com/

Final Review of the Tesalate sand free beach towel

Tesalate sand free beach towel 4If you are packing for the next trip and would like to upgrade in the towel department this is a great option. It has already become my most used towel and I seldom see the sand! The hardest part was picking one of the amazing patterns available.

The workout towel is great for drying off after working out, and in my case, it is often my poolside towel. It can dry me off quickly and save my larger Tesalate sand free beach towel for sitting on or using later. I also know what I will order for gifts! I would recommend this product for beach adventures, traveling, and regular workout use.

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