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Pauline Alba reviews the Spice Cargo Kit.

What would you consider to be your spice of life?  I would have to say being on an adventure is what gives my life the variety that I crave.  I am always looking for the next spot to camp, hike, picnic, or visit.  Another way I add spice to my life is genuinely through spices.

If you are like me a whole cabinet is full of different flavors to add to our meals.  So it is natural I would be bringing them with me.  Right before I was given the opportunity to do a review of the spice cargo kit, my husband and I were looking for options when camping.  When I was asked to review the Spice Cargo Kit it felt like one of those moments where you wonder if your social media is listening to you again.


This kit was designed by hikers that could not find a better solution.  They found containers that would work, but nothing that would hold them for easy transport.  When searching online for an option many of them add too much extra weight or were made of glass.  The company is environmentally friendly but understands the difficulty of bringing glass into the wilderness. After many redesigns, the Spice Cargo Kit was completed.


Spice Cargo Kit

Spice Cargo Kit Intro photoThe spice cargo kit is designed to help you bring spice anywhere you might need it.  The first thing you notice about the kit is how easily it wraps up.  The material is made of durable ripstop nylon that sheds water. When the material is open there is room for one 2oz. plastic bottle and 7 1 oz plastic bottles.

Each bottle is held within the material with stitching on the sides.  To wrap up the bottles in the material, you would flip the bottles over onto the top flap and roll from the largest bottle to the smallest.  The last step is to secure it with the bungee strap.

It will roll up to the size of a soup can and weigh under 3 oz empty.  Filled you can assume it would be about 12 oz total.  It is recommended to wash the bottle and the nylon case by hand.  The bottles are not dishwasher safe.  The last item with the kit is a small funnel to help you get the materials into the bottles.


My review

I really tend to overthink things and once I realized that I could easily bring 8 spices with me anywhere I went, I struggled to narrow it down to only 8.  The largest container held our taco spice as I think I can find a way to use this on anything.  Add in some chili powder, Aleppo pepper, herbs, and dry BBQ, I realized I would be ok.

We loved having this on our camping trips and found it was very convenient to bring out by the grill and picnic tables.  Nylon is an easy material to clean and it looks very durable. I appreciate this as often my cooking is not as clean as I would like.  I love how it rolls into a small can shape, making it easy to pack.

Spice Cargo Kit cooking photoIf you are cooking for a large group, I could see needing more than one bottle filled with the spices being used. We had more than enough on the weekends I packed it. I did struggle to fill the bottles using the funnel with some of the spices.  It tended to bunch up and not flow through.  I just adjusted and filled them using a spoon straight into the bottle.

I was also concerned that there was no filter on the bottles to reduce how much you might pour out but adjusted how I used them.  I never measure so it is more of a personal concern.  Overall, I found the product to be worth the price and it has made traveling with spices easier.  We often stay in rental homes and cook when traveling, and this would make that a cheaper process.  If you are looking for something to add to your traveling cook set, this is it!

Ordering the kits

The Spice Cargo Kit can be directly purchased online at https://www.spice-cargo.com/store. It looks like this is the only thing available on the site now. The complete kit without spices is $20.00 and a supplemental bottle set is $8.00.  For my location, there was a shipping fee of $5.50.


What do you think of the Spice Cargo Kit?

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