Safety Tips for Solo Women Campers


By Nitta Charanya.

Most women dream of traveling solo. But only a few fulfill their dreams. Almost every woman when they start traveling solo has a question: Is it safe to travel solo as a woman? The answer is an absolute Yes. But even an experienced solo woman camper needs to follow some safety tips to avoid dangers.

This article will help you in this case. This article is not only for the woman campers who are preparing to travel for the first time but also the experienced solo woman campers as all should stick to the same safety precautions.

Aside from Camping for Women, there are also numerous other online resources with heaps of information such as Camper Life that carry a lot of tips for enjoying the outdoors.

My Safety Tips for Solo Women Campers:

Make yourself familiar with the area

The first thing you need to do is to make yourself familiar with the area you are going to camp. When you are traveling for the first time solo it will be a little freaky. All the noises made by insects and animals in the campground will be a lot freakier if you are camping alone.

Finding a campsite

Safety Tips for Solo Women CampersSome apps will tell you the campgrounds near you. Install those apps and find a well-developed campsite if you are traveling for the first time. It is advised to pre-reserve your campsite as nowadays campsites and campgrounds are filling up fast.

If you are traveling for the first time don’t go too far from your city. It is recommended to find a campsite near your city. Once you get used to camp then you can go anywhere you want.

If you are camping at a developed campsite there will be no worries because people will be there nearby to help you. You can also try out a campground or a campsite that you have previously camped with your family.

Check the weather

Even for a well-experienced camper, be it a man or woman, traveling solo or in a group, it is always advised to check the weather updates to avoid any nightmares.

If you are camping in high-altitude areas where there are high chances of snowfall without checking proper weather updates then you will be in a miserable situation. Sometimes their miserable situations will make your mind not to camp anymore.

But if you have followed weather updates then you might have been well prepared with woolen clothes and layers that will protect you from cold situations. All these small things matter a lot in camping.

Creating a float plan

Creating a float plan is always helpful to rescue you in bizarre situations like if you have been stuck in a heavy cyclone in a remote area. Generally, these float plans are used by US Coast Guards to rescue people if they are stuck in the sea. But we can adopt this float plan to our camping trip also. Here’s how:

  • Tell someone which days and times you will be going out for a trip or an adventure.
  • Also, it is better to tell the exact location where you are going.
  • Establish a code word to contact them if something goes wrong.
  • It is also better to provide site host information.

Putting in place a Planned Itinerary Notification is a great idea when it comes to personal safety.

Don’t advertise that you are alone

You will find a lot of strangers while camping. Also, it will be fun to make them your friends and share some drinks. Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Don’t reveal your campsite and your campsite number. You can lie if you have to reveal them. No one is going to punish you.

If you feel uncomfortable, get out of that site by using some excuses like My friend is waiting for me or I have to pick up my friend.

Protect yourself from strangers and wildlife

Even for an experienced camper or a newbie, you will face some situations where you will be terrified by wildlife or wild animals like bears, mountain lions, and sometimes some suspicious persons.

To feel safe you need to carry some safety devices which will help you to get out of those terrifying situations.

  • Safety Tips for Solo Women Campers AxeAir Horn: Use a Marine Air Horn. These are always loud because they are used for maritime purposes. You can hear the sound even if people are miles away. So this marine horn can be used for emergency purposes.
  • An Axe: Carrying an ax with you is always recommended because it not only protects you from wildlife it also helps you to cut branches for your campfire and also for pounding the stakes in case of heavy winds.
  • Bear Mace: This will be extremely useful in self-defense situations. But the thing is you rarely use this one.
  • torchlight Safety Tips for Solo Women CampersBlinding Flashlight or a Head Lamp: These blinding flashlights and headlamps are extremely handy and can be used to stop or blind an animal approaching you. Also, they can be used for general purposes like to see at night times.

If you are even more concerned about your safety then you can also carry a taser with you.

Tip: If you have a dog then you can camp with your dog. Nothing is as good as a dog when it comes to protecting you. Also, you won’t feel lonely as you have a companion. The main thing here is to find the campsites that allow you to camp with pets. If they allow it then all is good. You can enjoy yourself without any fear.

Safety Tips for Solo Women Campers have a dog

Prepare yourself mentally

Starry nightIf you are camping for the first time alone, during the nights you will hear some sounds. These sounds are common in every campsite or campground. That time you hadn’t noticed those sounds because you were traveling in a group. Now this time as you are camping alone you will hear those sounds even louder.

But there is no need to worry about these sounds. These sounds might be from insects, frogs, rustling sounds made by winds and rivers, etc. As you are experiencing these sounds for the first time you will not have a proper sleep for the first night. This is a common problem faced by all solo campers.

To overcome this problem you need to prepare your mind mentally for sleeping. This means keeping your protective tools with you, making the bed in warm mode to get better sleep, and checking your surroundings before falling asleep. All these things will make your mind free that there will be no harm and you can fall asleep soon.

Feel the change

Nowadays we are spending more time on social media and the digital world so that we forget how silence will be. Once you are set in a campground or campsite, listen to the sounds of birds and feel the fresh breeze. From next time you will feel true silence is gold.

Prepare a checklist before starting

Make sure to pack all the essentials before starting a trip. Here is some of the basic stuff you need to pack:

  • Pack your clothes according to the weather. Also make sure you pack day-wear, evening-wear, and night-wear if you have a habit of changing clothes regularly.
  • Don’t forget to pack personal care products like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
  • Don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, a ground mat, and a pillow.
  • First aidReading chair.
  • Firewood – Purchase them locally.
  • Matchbox and lighters.
  • Safety tools mentioned above.
  • Don’t forget your headlamp. It will be very helpful at night.
  • Reusable cooking kits.
  • If you have hobbies like reading, pack some books.
  • First aid kit – A must and should have.

These are some basic stuff. If you need more add them too.

Enjoy your presence

Once you have completed your adventure and return to your daily routine, you will miss that cool breeze and sounds made by crackling twigs and insects in the middle of the night making you feel a bit worried, etc. all these things will surely turn into some beautiful memories that you can’t forget in your lifetime.

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