Rugged Road 65 Cooler Review


Rugged Road 65 Cooler

By Sara Baird

A major expense when traveling is food. If you are unable to purchase food at a grocery store, store it, and prepare it the costs of your trip will rise dramatically. Most of our lives the only reason we could even afford to travel was that we camped with our cooler full of food. A quality cooler can make or break any trip so I was excited to try out the Rugged Road 65 cooler when asked if I would like to review it. I was interested to see if a better-built cooler could enhance these experiences.

Rugged Road strives to provide quality, cost-effective products that kindle outdoor adventure while also using their business to implement sustainability in developing communities all over the world. It was founded by Spencer Sutlive who has always been inspired by the outdoors. Rugged Road believes that to in order to truly grow you need to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself so they make products to support you in that work. They donate 10% of their profits each year to build wells to bring clean and reliable water to underdeveloped communities worldwide.

The Rugged Road 65 Cooler

Rugged Road 65 Cooler storageThe Rugged Road 65 cooler has an outer shell made of Rigorite and an insulating core made of Dridgite. This makes the cooler light, weighing only 10 lbs, and very durable. It holds 9.92 gallons, that is 55 lbs of ice or 65 cans.

The cover is removable and reversible. One side of the cover is flat and the other has can holders and a cutting board. It will float upright so you can use it in the water and can retain ice for up to 7 days. The handles are made of rope with a grip on them. It also has a non-slip surface.

The Rugged Road 65 cooler comes with a 3-year warranty, 100% money-back guarantee, and fast shipping. The typical delivery time is less than 3 days.

Using The Cooler

Rugged Road 65 Cooler topI received the Rugged Road 65 cooler just as we were packing for our last camping trip of the year in late October. We were heading up to Northern Minnesota for some grouse hunting. I was thrilled that it arrived on time to take it along. Our weather ranged from 20-45 degrees Fahrenheit and we were staying in a camper with a fridge and so keeping our food was not a big worry.

We took it along for our day trips for lunch and snacks. The cooler was certainly cavernous. The measly amount of food we had in there each day looked a little silly. We loved being able to use the top of the cooler for our drinks during lunch and the cutting surface to our cheese and salami at lunch.

We also found the Rugged Road 65 cooler worked well inside our camper. With areas for placing items, it made a nice coffee table. We were able to place drinks there and even use it as a footrest. I appreciated that it did not slide around when transported in the bed of the truck or the camper. The rope handles also make it easy to pack with no awkward handles to adjust for on the sides. The inside surface was easy to clean out at the end of the weekend.

Rugged Road 65 Cooler on back of truck in winterMy husband and son also took the cooler along for their deer hunting trip. It was considerably colder that week and they had much more food to bring along to feed their hunting party for long days. It provided ample space. My husband mentioned that what he appreciated most was that he knew it would hold up in the cold weather when most plastic coolers would get brittle and break.

The biggest test for the Rugged Road 65 Cooler came right as I was about to consider this review completed. We noticed the food in our fridge was warmer than it should be. When we investigated further we found out that a part broke and the cold air was not circulating into the fridge. My husband could easily fix this part but we needed to wait a week for it to come in.

I packed the food we were able to save into the cooler and we utilized it for the next week. The cooler worked beautifully. I was able to keep the food cool by placing three ice packs in it and still had a ton of room to store the food we needed. I was a bit nervous since we had just dealt with some rotten food so I frequently checked the temp of our food. I found it was consistently 40 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning the cooler was working just as well as the fridge. I changed out the ice packs every other day and they were all still mostly frozen each time I changed them out.

My Recommendation

The Rugged Road 65 Cooler is well designed for a multitude of uses. It will not only keep your food cold but hold up to rugged use and enhance your experience. It is easy to keep clean, transports well, and is durable enough to last a lifetime. This makes it worth the price.

I can not wait to try it out in the water. It is lightweight enough to bring it in a canoe and the upright floating feature will be an asset whether you are rafting up for a quick lunch or lounging in the water on a hot day. You can find out more about ordering the Rugged Road 65 Cooler at the Rugged Road Website.

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