Reviewing the Comfortable Onewind Hammock


Onewind Hammock set up low

By Sara Baird.

Onewind Hammock: Background

The Onewind Hammock all packed up
The Onewind Hammock all packed up

While being active outdoors is always fun, sometimes what we need most is to relax. My family loves our hammocks for this reason. We use them when camping and even more in the backyard. I was excited to see what Onewind had to offer when they asked me to try out one of their hammocks for a review.

Onewind focuses on providing quality lightweight gear at a reasonable cost. They offer hammock sleep systems, tents, and survival shelters. These products are made with the concept of “be light outdoors and travel lightly”. All products they sell have undergone rigorous product testing with both professional and amateur outdoor enthusiasts. Their motto is “Make home where you are!”.

The 11” Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

I selected the 11’ Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net to try out. These sell both on the Onewind website and on Amazon from $64.90-$74.90 US Dollars. The hammocks come with 2 cinch buckles, an adjustable ridgeline, bottom entry bug net, lantern hanger, overhead organizer, and 2 – 12 ft tree straps.

The Onewind Hammock Rolled up tree strap
The rolled-up tree strap

The Onewind hammock is designed to be set it up with ease and packed in a double-sided cinch sack. I didn’t know what all these were so here is a quick description in case you don’t know either.

  • Tree Straps – Long straps with a loop at the end that wrap around a tree to easily hang up a hammock.
  • Cinch BucklesEasy to use buckles for attaching the hammock to the tree straps
  • Bottom Entry Bug Net – Mosquito netting that can be pulled over the hammock with an opening at the bottom for you to climb in. The opening can be cinched closed.
  • Ridgeline – Rope that hangs above the hammock – holds the mosquito net up, has both a hook for hanging a lantern and a pouch organizer for your stuff hanging on it.
The Cinch Buckle
The Cinch Buckle

Trying It Out

I took advantage of a few beautiful late summer days and an early fall camping trip to test the Onewind hammock out. The first time I set it up I was a little confused, it came with instructions and pictures but I was so excited to try them out I didn’t read them very well. I managed to set up the hammock easily and was impressed by the ease of getting it set up. I had a little trouble with the ridgeline the first time, it was too tight and I didn’t realize it was adjustable. The tightness prevented me from pulling the hammock higher off the ground.

I read the directions again the second time I set it up and found it much easier to set up. I realized that you could leave the bag on the hammock strap for storage so you would not need to worry about losing it. Then I watched the Onewind hammock video and totally understood how easy it is to set up and take down and saw more cool features I didn’t notice at first.

You can see the video for yourself here:

[embedded content]

How it Worked

The Onewind Hammock Tree Strap
The Onewind Hammock Tree Strap

Once I had the set up figured out the Onewind hammock worked well. I really could not believe how easy it was to set up. I felt well supported so I could relax while in the hammock. In some hammocks, I struggle to relax as I imagine falling to the ground and breaking bones or worse yet being impaled by something underneath when the ropes break. My overactive imagination was allowed to take a break. The size of this hammock makes it very comfortable. My son who is over 6 ft 3 inches found he had plenty of room in this hammock. I enjoyed being able to lie in different directions.

The Bug Net Closure
The Bug Net Closure

We experienced a dry summer and while not everything about it was pleasant, we did luck out with very few periods of bad mosquitos. I think this lowered our tolerance of the little pests so when they did manage to hatch and start swarming, they felt even worse. The Onewind hammock arrived during one of these mosquito-filled periods so it was fantastic to try out the mosquito netting.

The mosquito net took a little bit of practice to get right but once I had gotten into it a few times and cinched it I found it easy. I was able to enjoy a mosquito-free evening in the hammock. We did have our fair share of vicious gnats that seemed to bite even harder than mosquitoes I was thrilled that the netting also provided excellent protection from these as well.

When it was time to pack up the hammock it was just as easy as setting it up. I was able to take it down without needing to set anything on the ground, a plus for when the ground is wet. The best part is that everything packed nicely into the bag it came with every single time.

My Review

This is a high-quality hammock with a quality design to ensure I will want to use it often. I will be happy to bring it with me for camping trips or simply a day at the park. It will be used often in my backyard.

The Onewind Hammock with bug net
The Onewind Hammock with bug net.

The ease of use makes it possible to use it for a 15-minute nap and it is comfortable enough for a day-long lounge. I most likely would not carry this one along on a hike due to the bulk and weight but would not hesitate to check out the lighter-weight hammocks from Onewind if I was looking for a hammock for that purpose.

You can check out the Onewind hammock yourself at their website or on their Amazon store.

What are your thoughts on the Onewind Hammock?

Do let us know if this would feature in your outdoor adventures by commenting below. You can also read more about how to hammock camp to start planning your next adventure.

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