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Pits and Bits

Pits and Bits® is the best way to wash when water isn’t easily available. All Pits & Bits® use Waterless Limited’s unique Towel Off® Technology to provide soft clean skin & hair wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for post-race washing, camping, sports, and outdoor pursuits.”

-Pits and Bits website quote: https://pitsandbits.co.uk/

My review of Pits and Bits

By Samantha Kent

In the modern age of COVID-19 and the need to clean and wash on the go, a product has found a wider audience. Generally marketed towards hikers, Festival-goers, campers, and general outdoorsy folk, the pandemic has opened up the appeal of this much more.

Pits and Bits is a waterless solution to help keep you clean when you are on the go. It’s paraben and Alcohol-free, giving you an alternative to regular hand sanitizers that can become quite drying on the skin when used frequently. Pits and Bits is vegan and cruelty-free too!

Pits and Bits no water requiredI tried the shampoo and body wash. Both smelled a little of apple and lemon which was quite a nice clean crisp scent however coconut and unscented are also available! There was no residue that I could feel after washing with it and although the wash cloths needed water to expand, they were easy enough to wring out with little effort however regular towels will do the job just the same.

The patch of scalp I used the shampoo on was left feeling very clean, I was actually quite concerned that it wouldn’t get rid of dry skin and dandruff but with enough manipulation and when dried off well there was actually very little left behind!

The body wash I decided to use on my armpits after a workout. I’ve yet to put deodorant on after using the wash but I’ve been left with a pleasant apple scent which is great.

The set of body wash, shampoo, and hand towels is reasonably priced too, £7.50 from amazon and £7.49 Direct from the retailer. It comes in varying sizes as well which makes a smaller set perfect for air travel but also handy to store away. The bottles are fairly sturdy and could handle being thrown in a suitcase quite well! I’m genuinely considering buying more soon as I have days where I will struggle to get into the shower due to my disabilities and this provides a handy quick-fix alternative.

So, in summary, this product has a great many uses! I will continue to use it in day to day life as well as out on trips! Perfect for a quick freshen up when you are away from facilities!

For a more in-depth review of Pits and Bits, check out the video below:

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Check out the Pits and Bits website for more.

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