Peak Skis’ New SideCountry: The Only Skis You Need?


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Bode Miller and the team at Peak Skis are at it again with the most recent addition to their ski collection: the Peak SC (SideCountry). You might be wondering, “What’s SideCountry – and why should I check the SC ski line out?” Well, these might just be the only skis you need. Think about having the ability and versatility for backcountry skiing, everyday resort skiing, touring and high-performance descent skiing by only changing the bindings on your skis.

The 98SC and 104SC both have the quality of their original counterparts but are lighter in weight without compromising on grip. While they share the SC name and look, these skis are vastly different. The 98SCs provide a smoother ride with their softer flex, making them a top pick for backcountry skiers. The 104SC skis have the same shape as their original 104s but are noticeably lighter, which you’ll definitely appreciate as you trek up to those drops that require a longer hike.

Image by Peak Ski Company

Is there a women’s version of this ski? No. At Peak Skis, there’s no such thing as “women’s skis,” only “really good skis.” They recognize that weight matters, and want to ensure that even their lightest customers – male or female – are able to ski with ease. Peaks SideCountry skis are great for women – for example, Michelle Parker’s favorite skis are the 104SCs. And SideCountry skis are great if you prefer that light, poppy feeling in soft snow, or if you just like the feel of lightweight skis. So whether you choose with the 98SC or the 104SC, you’ll love hitting the slopes and having the flexibility to take on any type of run.

Image by Peak Ski Company

A sturdy but light ski will always do you well if you’re looking to go backcountry skiing, which is why Peaks’ SideCountry skis are an excellent choice. Mount your 98SC or 104SC skis with a resort-to-backcountry binding and you’ll be set to take on moderate-distance backcountry tours. Though they don’t offer a flyweight backcountry ski- yet- their SC line is made with versatility in mind. As they continue to innovate, Peak Skis will offer more variety for different types of terrain.

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