Onewind Hammock Topquilt/Poncho Review


By Sara Baird

I recently wrote about my experience with the Onewind Underquilt and Blanket Combo that I used with the Onewind 11’ Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net. Today I will tell you about another fun product from Onewind, the Topquilt/Poncho.

Onewind focuses on providing quality lightweight gear at a reasonable cost. They offer hammock sleep systems, tents, and survival shelters. These products are made with the concept of “be light outdoors and travel lightly”. All products they sell have undergone rigorous product testing with both professional and amateur outdoor enthusiasts. Their motto is “Make home where you are!”.

Hammock Topquilt/Poncho

Hammock topquilt/poncho bag
The Topquilt/Poncho in its bag

As I previously described, the request to try another product came in in February, so I thought carefully about what I could use in Minnesota without waiting for spring to arrive. I selected the Underquilt and Blanket Combo and suggested I also check out the Topquilt/Poncho so that I could truly experience what these products have to offer together. I was excited at the prospect of extending the hammock season in my backyard.

The topquilt is made with 1.1oz. 20D 400T ultralight nylon fabric and filled with DuPont™ Sorona Bio-Based Fiber Sustans®Insulation. This Topquilt/poncho comes in green and in a temperature range of either 35F-50F or 45F-70F. You can also choose two sizes 86″X55″ or 78″X55″. It is both windproof and water-resistant. The filling is made with a bio-based fiber called Sorona making them light and warm. When you use this product as a quilt you can enjoy the modular foot box. This allows you to snap the bottom into a tube and pull a drawstring to pull it tight around your feet. A snapped opening in the middle allows you to open it up and use it as a poncho.

Trying It Out

Hammock topquilt/poncho
Being cozy with the topquilt

I first tried this out on a rare 40F day in February with the underquilt. Besides the challenges of setting up a hammock in the snow and dealing with clunky boots I had a warm and cozy experience. After waiting out an icy and rainy March I was able to get out again on a beautiful sunny 45F day.

The snow was melted so that made my choice of footwear a little easier to deal with. Once I had the underquilt installed I simply crawled into the hammock, hung my shoes from the ridgeline and unpacked the topquilt/poncho. I used the strap on the stuff sack to hang it from the ridge line as well. I was easily able to snap the foot box and place and pull it tight.

The quilt was long enough that I was able to cover up with it completely and take a wonderful nap. There was a very icy breeze that quickly deterred me from trying to read outside but under the quilt, I stayed nice and warm wearing only a pair of leggings, long sleeve shirt, and a sweater. Once I settled in, I was wishing I had grabbed a hat but was too comfortable to get up and get one.

When I woke up, I was still comfortable and didn’t really want to get out into the cold. Fortunately, I remembered the quilt turned into a hammock so I simply unsnapped the opening and slipped it over my head. Once I got up, I was able to buckle the straps to keep it on me. I was able to wear the quilt/poncho and stay warm while I packed up the hammock and underquilt. I wore the quilt/poncho inside and packed it up there. I found it challenging to get it into the stuff sack.

My Review

Hammock topquilt/poncho review 2
Topquilt footbox

This topquilt/poncho is warm and comfy. I have enjoyed using it both inside the house and outside in my hammock. I love the way you can just throw it on as a poncho. That definitely makes getting up easier when it is chilly outside.

The only downsides I found were that the fabric was noisy and it is bulky. The stuff sack is just a little too small to easily fit this into it easily. So, while I would not take this quilt on a hiking or wilderness trip, I will be happy to use it car camping and enjoying time in my hammock in the spring and fall.

I also think it would make an excellent emergency blanket to keep in my vehicle in the winter since it would be so easy to throw on as a poncho as an additional layer.

You can check out Onewind yourself at  or on their Amazon store

Your thoughts on the Onewind Hammock Topquilt/Poncho

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