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Is it a work van? Is it a day van? Will it fit the family in AND the dog? Is it suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and van livers alike? Yes – it’s whatever you want it to be whenever you like! Read on to find out more about the future of van life.

Welcome to the future of van lifeWelcome to the future of van life

Welcome to the future of van life

Austrian based Cargo Clips are on a mission to create a multi-purpose camper which can satisfy the needs of the modern day workers, families, adventurers and van dwellers. 

Branded as the ‘The Swiss Army Knife of motorhomes’, they create conversion kits and custom converted camper vans for those looking for a vehicle to satisfy all life and work needs.

A camper conversion to last you many lifetimes

Single use products are becoming less popular. We’re seeing up and coming generations demanding more value for their money. They don’t just want their purchases to last, they want them to adapt to their ever-changing lifestyles.

Off-grid campervan conversions

Van living has certainly highlighted the
need for multi-functional living spaces for off-grid families, digital nomads,
and those who can’t afford to get on the property market.  More are flocking to YouTube to learn how to
build their own camper conversion.

Van conversion kit options  – DIY van life

For those who want to convert without drilling
into their beloved van, you’re in safe hands. Cargo Clips have 3 easy to fit
product types in their conversion kits.

Clip Wall

certified perforated beech wall paneling with oval-shaped holes make up the
foundations of the conversion kit, allowing multi clips and modular furniture
to be safely and securely attached in the motorhome.  Installation is easy since no tools are
required and the bolts are twisted in by hand. 
Each hole can hold up to 150kg!


–  the clips
don’t require any tools to securely fit into the clip wall. Every clip can
attach a hook, magnet or push button meaning there’s no one clip configuration.


  at present
there are 2 types: leisure and work modules but they can be mixed and matched
to create whichever environment you need. Again no drilling necessary.

Their build your own conversion kits
aren’t only suitable for the popular VW camper conversion but also for:

  • Mercedes
  • MAN
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Renault
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Iveco

conversion by Cargo Clips
all your ideas and none of the effort required

For those who want to design, and the
ability to modify, upgrade and reconfigure the layout, storage, and interior as
well as taking care of practical considerations such as water tanks, toilet and
bed, Cargo Clips’ bespoke service allows you to take control.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a popular
campervan and you can choose from the compact, standard or long wheel base
option for extra storage. 

MAN (The new TGE models)

MAN vans aren’t often seen as campers for
leisure purposes but with 2 x vehicle lengths – standard and long, 2 x roof
heights and a load space volume of up to 17m3 they’re becoming useful for those
who want to convert their works van into a living space too.

Both vans have two conversion packages:

Fitted with the Cargo Clips system – this includes the clip wall panel attached however you’d like them.

with some of the camping module
s – 
as well as including the panels, you will have a choice of furniture

Cool Cargo Clip features

  • Solar panel – 110 watt and 140 watt are available to help you live and work off grid anytime.
  • Sheep’s wool insulation – an environmentally friendly way of keeping your living and working space insulated.
  • Mosquito net sliding door –  keep the bugs at bay.
  • 90L fridge – their biggest fridge in the range means you’ll be able to keep food fresh for a long time whilst out on the road.
  • Boiler and shower in a box – to be used as an indoor or outdoor shower, with a 22l water tank and 6l boiler.
  • Dog boxes – available as a single or double configuration, your pet has somewhere safe and warm to sleep along with the rest of the family.
  • Bike garage –  Cargo Clips have teamed up with UK based Sliding Systems who manufacture CONBIKE trays and mounts to allow the keen biker or bike mechanic to securely and safely store their bikes and tools. 

Find out more about Cargo Clips.

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