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Sponsored Breaks is a Social Enterprise set up by Simon and Harriet, that has the vision to celebrate the most deserving people and businesses in our community by providing those in need of a getaway with a sponsored break. Read on to find out more…

Sponsored BreaksSponsored Breaks

One evening, founder Simon drove home in the midst of the COVID-19, feeling the need for a break. Upon further reflection it dawned on them the sheer volume of people who would be more in need than just them.

They decided to set up a sustainable venture to help people in need and just give them a break, in every sense of the word.

Free Breaks Supported By Sponsors

The idea was simple – free breaks supported by sponsors in return for nationwide and digital advertising.

Sponsors are at the core of this operation and they feel it is important to recognise the generosity of each and every sponsor. To do this, a campervan was utilised as a unique advertising campaign for every sponsor, displaying their information proudly across their social platforms and website.

With illness, loss and desperation lying heavy across all communities during the pandemic, they believed that their idea could provide the glimmer of sunshine that so many needed.

An opportunity to escape for families facing some of the most difficult challenges of their lives under the most tragic of circumstances.

Sponsored Breaks aims to reach as many people as possible as a way of recognising and congratulating their outstanding achievements and to reconnect people with the outdoors, supporting improved mental health.

Who’s Eligible For A Sponsored Break?

  • Charity workers
  • Keyworker
  • Unsung local heros
  • People who physically and mentally need a break

You can nominate someone for a sponsored break here.

Get Involved As A Sponsor

Becoming part of Sponsored Breaks helps to contribute to your
Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sponsored Breaks pride itself on ensuring that everyone
involved is rewarded. Sponsors will receive a unique yet
competitive advertising platform across a range of mediums,
taking pride in the fact that they’ve helped the most deserving.

Sponsors can have their logo proudly represented on the sponsored Breaks VW Camper van with all services rendered and various options are available for sponsors.

Find out more about Sponsored Breaks.

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