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Say goodbye to your old chemical toilet – this much-needed small-size dry toilet is designed specifically for owners of tiny homes and smaller vans.

Kildwick Launches MicroLoo for Small Vans

The Rise Of The Dry Toilet

Composting toilets aka dry toilets are no
longer an insider’s tip. Mobile living, off-grid living enthusiasts have long
discovered them as the
eco-friendly sanitation option. However, the majority of composting toilets are
rather big. This is mostly an issue for owners of smaller vans (or boats, or
homes). So far, they often had to rely on the more compact chemical toilets.

With the launch of the MicroLoo model, Kildwick are expanding their dry toilet range and offering a smaller, slimmer composting toilet model to those with little space. In particular, the MicroLoo is more than ideal for installing in one of the vanlifers’ most iconic favourites, the Volkswagen California T5 and T6. 

Kildwick Launches MicroLoo for Small Vans

Microloo – The Tiny Toilet

This odour-free, eco-friendly source
separation toilet also packs a punch when it comes to its amazing hygiene and
comfort features. 

The clever use of high-quality neodymium
magnets instead of fixtures is a world’s first. What are the powerful magnets
for? They hold the bowl and the seat perfectly in place and make cleaning and
maintenance fuss-free and almost effortless. Speaking of which: this toilet is
to be emptied vertically, which is ideal whenever space is tight.

Kildwick Launches MicroLoo for Small Vans

The MicroLoo’s sleek laser cut body made of
untreated birch plywood loads up to 200 kg, the lid up to 100 kg.

Fully assembled, the MicroLoo measures
337 mm (H) x 337 mm (W) x 384 mm (D). The DIY pack including the
body, the separator, the seat, one liquid bottle, one solids tank, glue,
magnets and fixtures currently sells at €389.00.

Since its launch, the MicroLoo has improved
the daily lives of:

  • Volkswagen California T5 and T6 owners and vanlifers
  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Hikers and outdoor adventurers
  • Families with young children

The MicroLoo DIY pack and extra accessories such as a spill guard lid for the liquids collecting bottle or the mounting kit made specifically for the California T5 and T6 vans equipped with a kitchen unit are available here.

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