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The online platform Campsited, has revealed the best European countries to go campervanning in, with their new Campervan Destination Index. Read on to find out the hottest places to live out your van life dreams.

European Countries Ideal For Living Your Best Van LifeEuropean Countries Ideal For Living Your Best Van Life

Campsited analysed the number of campervan sites, average weather temperature, number of outdoor activities, price of fuel, time to get to the country from the UK, and the size of the country to explore.   

Some of the findings

  • France has the most campervan sites in Europe, with nearly 9,000 available 
  • Croatia is revealed as the best country for van life, scoring 170 in the Campervan Destination Index, followed by Netherlands
  • Malta ranks as the country with the highest average temperature at 19.61°C

Slow Travel

Slow travel is still very much on the rise. But what actually is it? Slow travel is defined as experiences with an emphasis on connecting a traveller with places and people they meet, with a minimal impact on the planet.

Pairing slow travel with the fact that air travel chaos is to continue through autumn and winter, there’s no better time to hire a car or campervan and drive to your holiday destination.

So, which countries are the best for van life?

Top 3 European campervan destinations

Overall, Croatia came out as the top European country to go campervanning in, scoring 170 on the index. Croatia has 347 campervan sites, over 650 outdoor activities to get involved in, and an area of 56,594 km2 to explore. In the peak of summer, temperatures lie between mid-to-high 20s, meaning it doesn’t get too hot for driving around and sleeping in a camper.

Furthermore, the majority of campsites in this “land of 1000 islands” are on the coast, benefitting from a sea breeze.

Following Croatia, the Netherlands came in second place. With 2,035 campervan sites around the country, just a six-hour drive from the UK, and 134 outdoor activities to enjoy, there is no surprise it scored 162 points on the campervan index.

France ranks as the third best country in Europe to campervan around. This is because it has a whopping 8,990 campervan sites – the most in Europe – over 400 outdoor activities, proximity to the UK and the average yearly temperatures are also high, with areas that enjoy sunny weather throughout the year.

For lots more tips for planning a campervan holiday – from packing lists and recipes to storage tips and security mechanisms, along with campsite booking and campervan hire, visit the Campsited Campervan Hub.

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