New PETA Simulator Subjects You to Alien Probes


The animal rights group PETA brought its virtual reality experience, which subjects the user to alien probing, to Northern Arizona University on Tuesday to raise awareness about how university labs experiment on animals. 

In a statement about the simulator, PETA’s senior director, Rachelle Own, explained that the nonprofit wants to help students understand what animal cruelty feels like. “Many students don’t know that on their own college campuses, frightened and confused animals are being tormented, mutilated, and killed in cold, barren laboratories, with no way to escape or even understand what’s happening to them,” Owen said. 

According to PETA, researchers working inside NAU conducted experiments like punching holes in baby mice and collecting tissue samples from their colons and brains before killing them. The group also claims they intentionally infected mice with viruses. The group added that 90 percent of animal research fails to lead to treatments for humans. 

PETA launched the virtual reality experience Abduction in October 2022. The simulator starts with a group of users being stranded in the desert until they are abducted by aliens. They are then exposed to a series of experiments, which were inspired by real tests done on animals, according to the statement. 

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