Michelin Star Meals Will Soon Be Available in Space, If You Have $130,000


Would you like to eat a Michelin starred meal in space? Well, soon you can, as long as you have an extra $130,000 to spend (and you can get a reservation). 

Companies like Zephalto are bringing space tourism to life, and it could be a reality within a year. The French company is looking to begin tourist flights to space as early as late 2024. The trips would take up to six passengers 25 kilometers away from Earth to offer them a unique view of the planet, plus a gourmet meal.

Pre-reservations for Zephalto’s in-space dining experience are open and booking quickly, with spots for late 2024 and mid-2025 already being snatched up by eager space tourists. A pre-reservation will set you back about $10,900, and the full ticket will cost an additional $120,000 or so more, for a total of just over $130,000. 

Zephalto’s Celeste is a pressurized capsule dangling beneath a stratospheric ballon. Celeste will launch you out of Earth’s atmosphere, moving about 13 feet per second, reaching its highest altitude in just 90 minutes. You and your closest five friends, plus two pilots, will then spend three hours dining and viewing Earth from space.

Would you be willing to drop $130,000+ to dine in space? Comment below.

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