Kuhl Hiking Pants – From Work to Wilderness with One Pair


KUHL Hiking Pants

Reviewer Sara Baird tests out Kuhl Hiking Pants.

Nothing is worse on a hike than clothes that don’t hold up, stay in place, or breathe.  Thankfully we can find clothing options that are designed to support our best hiking experiences.  I personally love hiking pants and have a few pairs that I can get away with wearing to my business casual teaching job.  I reviewed a pair of Kuhl travel pants last year and absolutely loved them.  I was excited to try a pair of hiking pants when they asked if I would be interested in doing another review.



Kuhl is a privately owned company that strives to provide people with high-quality outdoor wear.  They aspire to inspire you to follow your true calling, true passions, and support independents in all walks of life.  They use only materials from environmentally conscious and ethically minded sources. They make clothing for both men and women and sell pants, shorts, jackets, shirts, hats, and backpacks.

4 zippered pockets
The 4 zippered pockets are large and practical.

Choosing My Pants

Kuhl asked me to choose from their selection of hiking pants. They have a wide variety that includes cargo pants, joggers, and leggings.  I loved that many of the pants came in different inseams, I usually need to hem my pants because I am too short for my waist size.   My measurements barely fit into their largest size so I was nervous about ordering some of the more fitted pants I really wanted, so I selected pants that appeared to be looser and stretchier.  I chose the Freeflex Dash in the color Koal because of its elastic waist and stretchy fabric but also its polished look.

Kuhl hiking pants drawstring
The pants are designed with an elastic drawstring that can be tightened at the ankles and a clip to keep the drawstring out of the way.

The Freeflex Dash

The Freeflex Dash Pants are made of a lightweight stretchy softshell fabric, Freeflex, that offers UPF50+ sun protection and helps control moisture.  They have a pull-on waistband that is designed to be soft.  The bottom leg has an ankle stretch so you can adjust it for fit or for activities like bike riding.  These pants also feature several pockets including zippered front and back pockets and a drop-in cell phone pocket.


Wearing The Pants To Work

Comfortable Kuhl hiking pants look good
The Kuhl hiking pants fit comfortably and look good as long pants.

The pants fit well in the waist, they are tight but I always lose weight in the summer so they will fit me well as I get back into summer shape.  These pants only came in a 31-inch inseam, which means they are a bit long for me.  The cinch at the ankle though makes them wearable.  The first day I wore these I paired them with a nice sweater and wore them to work as a teacher.

The pants passed for business casual and were incredibly comfortable.  I appreciated them as I move a lot during the day.  My walk to work is 1.5 miles, on warm days or days where I’m running late and need to move fast, I can work up a sweat on the way to work.  This often leaves me feeling uncomfortable the rest of the day but these pants breathed well and stayed comfortable.

Repelling water with Kuhl hiking pants
The pants repelled water while I was working in my garden.

The only time I experienced some discomfort was when I sat on plastic chairs.  After a few minutes, I felt clammy and sweaty, I found this strange since they breathed so well when at other times.

Overall, they proved to be a great pair of pants for work, that accommodated the ways I need to move through the day.

Kuhl hiking pants versatility
Kuhl hiking pants can be worn shorter like joggers.

Wearing the Pants for Fun

You can test hiking pants without actually taking a hike so I headed off into the woods for a quick hike.  Just like on my walk to and from work, the pants were comfortable as I worked up a sweat.  I appreciated that they moved well with me.  I never needed to pull them up or adjust them, they even stayed a place as I jogged a bit. I also left my phone in the side leg pocket and was pleased that it never fell out.    They also held up well as I walked through some brush, they did not snag or pick up debris.


Kuhl deep pockets
The side pockets are deep and designed so things like phones don’t fall out.

My Recommendation

These are great pants.  They are super easy to wash on a gentle cycle and air dry in no time. They would be easy to travel with and to hand wash as needed.  They also hold their shape well when worn for multiple days and do not wrinkle.

What I loved most about these pants is how comfortable and versatile they are.   I appreciated that the pants did not stay wet with sweat or rain and moved with me.

There is nothing worse than needing to pull your pants up all day and these pants stayed exactly where they should be.   The pockets in these pants are also amazing.  There are 6 pockets, and all of them are large enough to be functional, yet they are not bulky.

I feel good that these pants are made of sustainable materials and with sustainable practices.  Khul is focused on providing quality products in an ethical manner.   If you need a sturdy pair of pants that will go everywhere with you from work to the wilderness travel check these out.  You can find the Freeflex Dash pants and other Khul hiking pants.  I would love to hear if you have tried out Khul hiking pants or what clothing you find essential for outdoor fun.

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