Is This E-Trike the Future of Commuting for Nature Lovers?


Imagine commuting to work on an e-bike that protects you from the elements . . . or should we say in an e-bike?

A Canadian e-bike manufacturer is launching what just might be the coolest cycle we’ve seen yet. The Veemo, which is currently available for pre-sale, defies easy categorization. It’s an electric, three-wheeled “velomobile” with a roof, windshield, and space for cargo or a child passenger. Like a car, it also has safety features like turning signals, side mirrors, and headlights. Unlike a car, it fits in the bike lane.

Image by Veemo

Veemo is still in the production phase, and the project was at risk when the company declared bankruptcy this year. It was announced in late July that Veemo has been acquired by ENVO Drive Systems, which makes e-bikes, electric “snowkarts” and electric snow bikes (have a look, they’re wild). ENVO is committed to finally bringing the Veemo to market, so you could start seeing them in bike lanes near you as soon as next spring or summer.

“Veemo is the future of commuting for nature lovers,” ENVO founder and CEO Ali Kazemkhani said via email, highlighting the vehicle’s electric assist system and weather protection features. Rather than being fully enclosed, Veemo is open on the sides and has a large back window, allowing riders ample fresh air. 

“With Veemo, you get the best of nature and modern transport,” Kazemkhani says, “perfect for eco-conscious commuters seeking the freedom of the open road, no matter the weather.”

Thanks to its third wheel, the Veemo stands up on its own, so you don’t have to be your own kickstand at traffic lights. Veemo claims it has more stability than other tricycles because of that wheel’s position in the front rather than rear. 

Although Veemo looks quite different from your standard bicycle, its footprint is relatively similar, which is why it meets the regulations of most bike lanes. On top of that, its striking design will make you stand out to drivers, which could also help keep you safer when you’re cycling on roads in mixed traffic. 

“By offering a safer and more stable alternative to e-bikes, Veemo targets individuals who previously resisted cycling due to balance concerns, generating confidence through its raised visibility and the larger and protective frame,” said product manager Shahab Ranjbar via email. “The weather-resilient design further enables year-round usage, inviting a broader audience and encouraging a larger segment of the population to enjoy cycling.”

Image by Veemo

The Veemo is forecast to be available in North America next year at an estimated price of $7,999 CAD (just under $6,000 USD), though that price may fluctuate slightly as the product is finalized. While you can’t buy one outright just yet, you can reserve one for a deposit of $250 CAD ($187.35 USD), or you can lock in a 5% or 10 % discount by paying a bigger deposit.

The trike’s battery can last for up to 45 miles and sustain speeds of about 20 mph. Would you want to ride one to work?

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