How to Up the Comfort and Luxury for Your Next RV Camping Trip


RV camping is a great way to get out into nature without completely leaving the comforts of home behind. If you’re looking to elevate your RV to the next level of luxury, consider these upgrades to make you feel like camping royalty.

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Outside the RV

Image by Solo Stove

Let’s be honest now, when we’re out camping, whether it’s in a tent or in an RV, you’re not spending a whole lot of time in your temporary home, you’re usually outdoors. Keeping your group protected from the sun is always a smart move, so adding a retractable awning is a great way to ensure an enjoyable time outside, and it will help prevent sunburn. 

If you already have an awning but it’s seen better days, maybe it’s time to replace the fabric to give it a little more love. If you love being outdoors but absolutely hate getting eaten alive by mosquitos (you’re not alone), you can add a “sun room” of sorts to your RV, with an awning that comes with a surrounding screen wall, giving you space to enjoy the outdoors without having to share it with all of the creepy-crawlies.  

Even though you have the RV and a full—albeit small—kitchen, there’s just something about cooking a meal (or a marshmallow) over the fire. Bring your own smokeless fire pit from SoloStove to camp with you for an elevated bonfire experience, one where you won’t have to play musical chairs to get away from the smoke. 

With a number of sizes and accessories to choose from, you can have a portable bonfire no matter where you choose to roam. If you’re feeling fancy or you’re an avid pizza lover, you should also check out their pizza ovens, so you never have to go a night under the stars without a delicious slice.

Inside the RV


Image by Rumpl

Since you will spend some time in your RV during your camping trip, sleeping, eating, and bathing, you’ll want to add some cool stuff to the inside as well, especially if you’re going on a longer trip. For starters, if you’re choosing to stay in an RV over tent camping, you probably like having a bed to sleep on, so make sure you sleep soundly by adding a mattress topper to your bed. The extra padding truly makes a difference. 

You’ll also want to have a number of extra blankets on hand for those cooler nights. If you tend to run cold, consider investing in a heated blanket to make it extra luxurious


Image by AKTECKE

When it comes to living in an RV, there is limited space, and you don’t want all the space you do have to go toward storage. Adding accessories like hanging shower caddies will give you space for everything you need for your shower without taking up all of the counter space in the bathroom. 

If you need more storage in your living space, a great option is an ottoman bench that doubles as extra seats (these are also great for dorm rooms). 

You should also consider purchasing storage bins from REI Co-Op. Made with camping in mind, these bins have soft sides, making them easier to store between camping trips.


Image by Instant Pot

When it comes to your camp kitchen inside the RV, there are a few things you might already have at home that you can bring to elevate the experience. Bringing items like your Instant Pot or air fryer will give you a sense of home and allow you to cook some of your favorite meals when cooking over the fire is not in the cards. 

If you’re a coffee fan, be sure to bring your favorite coffee maker along with you. Whether you’re a Keurig person or prefer a good instant cup, having it your way while camping is essential for those mornings in nature.

No matter where you’re headed next RV camping trip, make it one you to remember by bringing all the essentials and a few extras that’ll really elevate your experience

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