How to Set Up a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen


How to Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

By Shristi Patni.

If you’re someone who loves to spend time outside or is interested in creating a space to cater to guests, then check out these amazing ideas for building a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

It’s the perfect space for planning backyard barbeques, building your own grilling station, and spending indefinite time with your family and friends.

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen is great for having backyard hangouts with friends and family.

They come in different sizes, shapes, and budgets when executed well.

Outdoor kitchens are much more than just a place to cook meat.

It could serve as a gathering spot and the perfect place to spend some wonderful time with your friends and family.

Here are some tips which you could consider if you’re planning to open an Outdoor Kitchen:

#1. Choose a Prominent Location for Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoors kitchen Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Choosing the right location to set up an outdoor kitchen can make a huge difference to your overall kitchen.

It must have enough storage and dining space and must be protected from the weather.

#2. Find an Area with Ample Shade

Choose a location with good shade in your backyard as it will protect you and your outdoor space from the scorching sun.

Remember to not choose an area that is fully covered with tall trees and branches, as they might fall on your kitchen appliances.

Instead, choose an area with good shade.

You could consider going with a pergola or awning.

#3. Keep your outdoor kitchen in close proximity to the house

Ensure that your outdoor kitchen isn’t too far. In fact, it must be in close proximity to your house for convenience.

If your house has sliding glass doors that pass through your dining area or kitchen, then build the outdoor kitchen outside those glass doors.

It will make it convenient for you to go back and forth if you’re missing any appliances or if you don’t have a second set of appliances, dishes and cookware.

#4. Avoid areas with gusting winds

Outdoor Kitchen Photo by Emile-Victor Portenart on Unsplash
Photo by Emile-Victor Portenart on Unsplash

Wind can become a hindrance to your cooking in the outdoor kitchen.

If your area is surrounded by a bunch of trees or bushes, these gusty winds can be a real annoyance.

As they pick up the leaves, flower petals, pollen, and send them flying, which could sabotage your dish with all the filthy leaves.

You’d end up cleaning the area and debris.

To avoid that, choose an area that has good protection or is away from the direction of these winds.

You could go with a patio umbrella or awning.

4 Basic Elements of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is a perfect place to spend an amazing time with your family while making the most of your garden view.

Here are some basic elements which you should consider while setting up an outdoor kitchen, including the storage and cooking surfaces.

1. Cooking and grilling surfaces

After choosing a prominent location, it’s important to find a place to cook your food.

These days, most outdoor kitchens possess a portable barbeque grill.

This makes it super convenient to prepare different foods at one time.

You can prepare vegetable kebabs, steak, chicken, and fish.

And if your main intent behind building an outdoor kitchen is to host parties, then an oversized grill could be a great option to consider.

It would ensure that all your cooking is done at a time.

You could also consider a few other cooking appliances, such as a deep fryer, a pizza oven, or a smoker.

#2. Prep Stations and Countertops

Besides cooking surfaces, you will also require space to prepare all of your meals, including marinating meat and chopping veggies.

If you’re thinking of choosing a prefabricated kitchen, it would come with counter space.

However, if you want to get it custom-made, you will have to select your own countertop.

Choose materials that are weather-friendly and are made of concrete or steel.

You could consider having a sink directly connected with your outdoor kitchen.

This would ensure that you are not constantly rushing around the house.

#3. Storage

It’s a great idea to have ample storage to keep your food ingredients, cookware, kitchen accessories, and leftovers synchronized.

Most outdoor kitchens do have a refrigerator.

This will also ensure that your outdoor kitchen is separated from your indoor kitchen.

You can also have cabinets for the purpose of storing utensils, serving ware, cutting tools, and all other accessories which you may require while cooking and serving.

#4. Dining area and other accessories

Don’t forget to select good dining furniture and other decorative accessories to dazzle up your outdoor area.

Get your hands on a good dining table.

Embellish your dining area with lights, rugs, and a few more decorative elements.

You can also include a few accessories for the kitchen, such as serving dishes, spoons, measuring cups, storage containers, utensils, and tongs.

You can also consider baskets for grilling vegetables, sauces, and marinades for your meat.

2 Ways to Add Enough Storage to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to catch up with your family and friends.

However, there’s a catch.

If you don’t have enough storage to keep the utensils, accessories, and dishes, here are some tips to add plenty of storage to your kitchen.

#1. Get custom storage built

You can get custom storage built for your outdoor kitchen as it will offer a lot more options to add enough storage to your kitchen.

And if you already have that, then you can have a talk with the builder.

To configure the space and add some extra space around cabinets and shelves for barbecue tools, utensils, dishes, spices, cups, and cookware.

If you don’t want your entire kitchen to get custom-built, you still have an option to hire them.

To build some more cabinets and other kitchen appliances to ensure enough storage.

#2. Choose a cost-effective option

If you don’t have enough built-in storage or cabinets, you don’t have to hire any builder to get it done.

You can go with some alternative methods to add more storage. For example, you may install a tall storage unit next to your outdoor kitchen.

You can set up various bins and boxes to store some extra stuff.

It’s an inexpensive way to add more storage while you aren’t worried about organizing things.

The Takeaway

The best thing about setting up an outdoor kitchen is that you can even build a wonderful outdoor kitchen on a low budget.

There are tonnes of books that talk about building an outdoor kitchen on a budget.

Build your outdoor kitchen while considering your budget. If you have a massive budget, then you can build a well-equipped fancy kitchen.

If you have a low budget, you can still have an amazing kitchen and can even do a lot of DIYs.

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