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The Montane Krypton Softshell makes a great addition to any outdoor wardrobe, providing versatile layering and protection from the elements earning it a dedicated space in my backpack…

Montane Krypton Men's Hoodie ReviewMontane Krypton Men's Hoodie Review

What is it?

The Montane Krypton Softshell Men’s Hoodie £120



  • DWR Treated Softshell Jacket
  • High Loft, Breathable Insulation
    (GRANITE, Montane’s own brand insulation)
  • 3 YKK Zipped Pockets
  • Elasticated Cuffs
  • Wired-Peak Close Fitting Hood

What we thought

A softshell jacket is one of those things that you never realise you needed in your life until it sneaks it’s way in and suddenly you never want to be without one again.

The Krypton Softshell has just done exactly that and now has a special place in my heart and a dedicated slot in my mountain bag. It’s fair to say, in my time with the Krypton, it has solved this gap in my gear arsenal perfectly.

Montane Krypton Men's HoodieMontane Krypton Men's Hoodie

Serving as an intermediate between a rain jacket and an insulated jacket, a softshell seeks to fill the middle ground of being able to shrug off gentle showers without soaking through, whilst also allowing you to stay nice and warm on the move without cooking yourself silly (which quite often happens with an insulated jacket as soon as you hit the climbs).

The Fit

As somebody who is on the larger end of the medium spectrum this softshell is definitely a snug fit, but I love that about it! With its figure-hugging shape, it made the perfect layer to wear underneath a raincoat when the elements really came on strongly, but was also stretchy and breathable enough that I never felt restricted in my movements.

Montane soft shell mens jacket reviewMontane soft shell mens jacket review

For people who prefer a slightly more relaxed fit to their adventure gear, it might be worth stepping up a size but if you are like me and love to feel snug, then your standard size should be great. The arms are a touch on the longer side for me, but as somebody who has adopted the nickname “Rexy” (in reference to a T-Rex) from time to time, this might be more of a problem with me and my short arms!

One of my favorite features has to be the cuffs, which
is pretty surprising considering the long list of features in the Krypton. They
are elasticated cuffs meaning there is no need to adjust them when taking the
jacket on or off, but with consistent elasticity built into the hem the cuffs
smoothly allow your arms to slide in and out, whilst also being close enough to
your arm to feel nice and secure so you never need to worry about snagging them
when scrambling is required. A feature that I will certainly be looking for in
future purchases!

Montane Krypton jacket reviewMontane Krypton jacket review


I tend to run incredibly hot, whether it be lounging about the house or yarding my way up the side of my latest Wainwright, so any layer I use whilst in the outdoors has to be incredibly breathable for me to not overheat, and this is where the Krypton excels magnificently!

In blustering gales, the Loft material on the inside of the jacket was cozy enough to keep me at a perfect temperature on the move, but then as soon as I reached the comfort and warmth of my van I didn’t find the need to instantly start shedding layers as I normally do, I was incredibly comfortable in both conditions.

Even better, I didn’t find myself getting exceptionally sweaty either with the moisture wicking design that is perfect when the temperature is varying fast.  

However, I wouldn’t want to stand idle in this jacket for extended periods of time as the breathability does lend to heat reduction, but this is an active jacket to be donned for “fast-paced activities” as Montane’s own website states so if you need warmth on the move, this is the go-to!

I definitely have to note that the lovely furry liner was super comfortable against the skin, even when standing in a gentle shower it felt far from a soggy mess as I expected and still kept me warm! Definite success!

Montane Krypton jacket reviewMontane Krypton jacket review


The Krypton has 3 pockets, two mesh-lined hand pockets and a concealed zipped chest pocket. The two hand pockets aren’t the warmest things in the world but to hide your hands from the icy wind that the UK weather often brings, they serve a purpose.

The chest pocket is handy for smaller items but if, like me, you are among the society that gravitates to having a larger phone, you might struggle to stash this here. I do like the fact that the chest pocket doesn’t detract from the nice fit of the jacket and even if you do have something in there, it won’t be stabbing into your chest.

The verdict

The quality of this product is outstanding, which for anybody who has owned a Montane product before, won’t be surprised to hear. The jacket feels incredibly robust and all toggles and zips feel built to withstand the test of time at a very reasonable price of £120.00 from Montane’s website.

A great layer to take out on any day where the sun potentially might disappear, or for light showers, or if it is a bit breezy… effectively there is no end of ways to use this hoodie!

Montane Krypton Men's Hoodie - ReviewMontane Krypton Men's Hoodie - Review

My only complaint is I wish they had made of the pockets a stash pocket to pack the jacket into, as this would have made the Krypton the ultimate weapon to pack away into my mountain bag and pull out as soon as the sunshine went away. However, the jacket is still a pretty thin layer for the warmth it delivers and is still easy to stash away, taking up limited space in my bag.

A softshell is a necessity that I will certainly be recommending to any walker or adventurer out there who wants a do-it-all layer and the Krypton sits very firmly at the top of that list. A great layer that delivers exceptional value for money!

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Montane who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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