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A few months ago we were gifted 3 different coffee makers to try, all of which can easily be used whilst camping. As coffee obsessives, we’ve had a great time putting them all to the test to determine which is our favourite for both camping and for every day home use. Read on to find out!

What we tested

Although when camping we like the simplicity of coffee bags, flavour-wise, our preference is for pour-over ground coffee, which made all 3 of these options appealing and we couldn’t wait to try them out!

Core Coffee Press, Twist Press and Brew it StickCore Coffee Press, Twist Press and Brew it Stick
Core Coffee Press, Twist Press and Brew it Stick

We’re forever searching for the best way to drink coffee when out and about on our travels and particularly whilst camping. I like my coffee strong and always drink it black, so our first test was to make a cup of coffee using each of the above coffee makers, using the same ground coffee.

The Barista & Co Twist Press in actionThe Barista & Co Twist Press in action
The Barista & Co Twist Press in action

Both the coffee infuser stick and the coffee press were simple and intuitive to use, whilst the coffee twist press needed a bit of reading and figuring out to get right the first time around.

Barista & Co coffee infuster stickBarista & Co coffee infuster stick

In terms of making a cup of coffee, although the most fiddly of the 3 options, the twist press felt most satisfying to use, followed by the coffee press, followed by the coffee stick infuser.

It’s worth mentioning that with the twist press, we did think this produced the best coffee, but you do need to use little circular filter papers with it, and although some are included, this is an ongoing cost you don’t have with the other two makers that both have reusable mesh filters.

After initially testing all 3, we then spent months taking them away camping with us and using them in the kitchen at home to find out which would get the most use.

Our Verdict

Over the last few months, the coffee maker I’ve ended up using most is the Brew it Stick coffee infuser, just because it’s so neat and simple. It takes seconds to make a coffee and I just leave the stick in to let it get as strong as I like, so that gets top marks from me.

Cleaning it is also really simple too, just drop the used grounds into your composter and then rinse under the tap and you’re ready to go again.

Barista & Co coffee infuster stickBarista & Co coffee infuster stick

My husband by contrast prefers the Coffee Press. He likes the satisfying plunge and the whole making process. This is more of a faff to clean out however and I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to wash it out after he has used it and then just left it.

Despite the stick and the press being our most reached fro choices, that doesn’t mean that the Twist Press isn’t good too! In fact it’s arguably the most travel-friendly as you can store your coffee inside it, making it ideal for when you’re short on space and it also produces a really lovely cup of coffee and is easy to clean out, but for camping ease, we think the Brew It Stick just clinches it.

Barista & Co coffee infuster stickBarista & Co coffee infuster stick
The Brew It Stick coffee infuser is our favourite for camping!

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to Barista & Co who supplied the featured products for us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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