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It’s time for a family holiday, so what better way to spend it than going camping?

We’ve looked at what you need to keep in mind when travelling and what requirements your family-friendly camping destination needs. This includes different factors, like the overall weather conditions of your destination. While the Sunniest Cities in Europe Index is an excellent way to find the best weather conditions for your camping trip, there are also some other factors to consider.

Preparing for Your Camping Trip

Travelling with kids always means you need to put in more effort to ensure the family holiday remains a fun experience. This means you need to consider your budget and ensure you have the financial means to support the trip. If this is your first family camping trip, it’s best to start small. This helps your kids get comfortable with the idea of camping without being away from home for too long.

Glamping, glamour camping, is also an excellent way to ease kids into the camping scene. It might not follow the traditional spirit of camping, but it gives children the outdoor experience without removing them too far, too fast from their comfort zone. 

Planning your itinerary allows your family to do family activities and keeps them from becoming bored. However, keep in mind to not overfill your day with activities. Allow your family also to have some break times between activities and in the morning and night. This allows them to enjoy the rest of the day properly.

Choosing Your Destination

It’s essential to ensure any destination you choose isn’t too remote from civilization. Travelling with kids is never easy. You want easy access to essential services, like hospitals and police stations. While you might not plan on using these services, having them accessible adds another layer of security on your trip.

Depending on the size of your family and the children’s ages, you might want to start close to home. Go away for a weekend—not more than a few hours’ drive.

Ensure there are different activities you can do. This includes hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cycling and wind-sailing. Not only do these campsites tend to be more well-travelled and safe, but they also allow the kids to experience the outdoors and connect to nature.

Choosing your camping destination depends on what you’re planning to do during the trip. If you and your family love surfing, Bournemouth might be the place for you. Or, if you want your kids to experience different activities like hiking and canoeing, The Wye Valley might be better. Pick a spot that caters to your family’s interests.

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