Experiencing the Kamui Sleeping Pad


Kamui Sleeping Pad in the snow

Pauline Alba tries out and reports on the Kamui Sleeping Pad.

Sleeping anywhere other than your bed you struggle to get a good night’s rest.  It can even be more difficult when camping when you need to transport and provide your own sleeping mats.  Finding a product that works for you, transports well, and is easy to use can make the process easier. This review will focus on the self-inflating sleeping pads from Kamui.


This company was formed by Yumi Ohkura an outdoor enthusiast and mother.  Through her love of the outdoors and passion for encouraging others to get out and try it, she decided to develop products to help others feel more comfortable in their experiences.  She has a strong belief that outdoor experiences can help strengthen family bonds.  The company has focused on a couple of products that will help families start to explore and hopefully enjoy their time outdoors.  They develop quality products that are simple, comfortable, and functional with a lower price range.

Kamui Products

This company has focused on a couple of items that will help you start your camping experience.  The products are very reasonable if you want to purchase just what you need.  They have a portable camping chair that is lightweight and easy to transport for about $45.00.

You can also purchase an outdoor fleece blanket that is waterproof for $30.00, a beach blanket for $18.00, and a 6lb sleeping bag for $50.00.  The last item is what we will look into more.  The Self-inflating sleeping pad.

To find the Kamui Sleeping Pad check out this website: Kamui.  The sleeping pad sells for $48.00.  There are many options around this price, so make sure to really look at the quality and functions it can provide.  The Kamui products have received high reviews on the quality of their products.


Kamui Sleeping Pad partial shotKamui Sleeping Pad – What do you need to know?

If you are just starting out and are trying to determine what you need to carry out on your adventures there are many things you will need to consider.  How much room do you have in the car, will you have electricity, will be you backpacking into your site, and what level of comfort are you expecting?

This is when you need to know more about the R-Value of your sleeping pad.  The R-value is how much the mat will resist heat loss, which means your body’s heat.  The R-Value can range from 1-10 with around 5 being a good value for most experiences.  The research states that women need a little higher R-Value as well due to being cold sleepers tend to have less capacity to produce heat while sleeping.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

The Kamui self-inflating sleeping pad is about 2 in. thick and has an R-value of about 5.7.  One of the benefits of it being self-inflating is that you do not need electricity or to carry a pump to fill up your mattress.  Another is that is it made of both air and foam that will resist losing its heat and provide more comfort.

One addition that the Kamui pad includes is the ability to connect to other pads creating a large base for a couple or more of a family.  This ensures there is no gap between the pad to allow cold ad moisture in.  The pads can also be connected vertically to give you a more comfortable base for more protection from the cold.  Check out this video to see the size and best practices in use.

[embedded content]

Using the Sleeping Pad

The pad will come rolled up into the provided storage sack.  It is recommended to store the pad outside the sack to decrease the amount of time the foam is condensed.  This allows the pad to rebound faster on your trip.  You can slide the full pad under a bed or store it behind a door until it is time to go.

When you are ready to use it, you will take it out of the bag and allow it 5-30 minutes to self-inflate. To inflate there is a small cap on the corner you would turn to open or close. If you are in a hurry or would like a little more air, you can blow into this area to fill it up more.

My Review

Kamui Sleeping Pad on a chairI found the pad to be comfortable.  It may be a little skinny and may not allow you much room to move around while remaining on the mat.  The rolled-up size would make it difficult to take on a long hiking trip but is easy to find a place in the car.

We used it the most at our camper when we would have friends or company come and stay in a tent.  It was brought out during the day to provide comfort sunbathing or for an afternoon nap.  Allowing the kids to play on it during the day showed the quality of the material.  It was able to withstand more than what you would put it through just sleeping on it.

I feel that they considered many factors when making this product and found a price point that is reasonable.  I would recommend this product to any campers looking for an option like this.

Having a self-inflating mattress is convenient when camping and traveling.

Kamui Sleeping Pad indoors

Your thoughts on the Kamui Sleeping Pad?

What is your impression of the Kamui Sleeping Pad? Would you like to have this on your adventures to ensure a good night’s sleep? Perhaps you have had your own outdoor experiences you would like to share in the comments below.

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