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Essentials for Women Camping 1

By Evelin Weiss

Evelin adventuringWhen it comes to camping, there’s one thing that we can’t fail to notice: it’s easier for men than it is for women. Women have different needs, different comfort levels – and while a man might feel perfectly comfortable in a certain camping zone, a woman might be counting the minutes until she gets home. And let’s not get started on the toilets.

However, with the right preparation, every woman should be able to enjoy camping to the fullest. She just needs to know what to take with her to increase her comfort. Here are the essentials for women camping you’ll need to add to your checklist.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Men tend to easily sleep on foam sleeping pads, as they are more heavily built. And let’s face it, their resistance to discomfort is generally higher (except for when they catch a cold; that’s when they usually call the priest). Jokes aside, women can’t always feel comfortable on a typical foam sleeping pad – not to mention that sleeping so close to the ground can cause problems to the ladies “down there.”

To prevent that, you might want to take an inflatable pad instead. Not only will it keep you above ground, preventing you from feeling cold, but it will also make you feel much more comfortable as you are sleeping. A good inflatable pad will make you feel like you are sleeping on an actual mattress.

Essentials for Women Camping - sleeping area

Good Sleeping Bag

Most of the time, women find it uncomfortable to go camping simply because they feel very cold throughout the night. To prevent this from happening, you might want to make sure that you get a good sleeping bag. If you already know the travel dates, find out what the lowest temperature is – and then get a sleeping bag that keeps warm against a couple of degrees colder. A good sleeping bag is just fundamental to the essentials for women camping these days.

The better-fitting the sleeping bag, the better. You might be tempted to buy a larger-sized one just so that you may have more freedom of movement, but here’s the issue: the more space there is between you and the walls of the bag, the more heat is lost. This is why many campers recommend that you get a sarcophagus type of sleeping bag rather than a rectangular one – particularly if you are likely to get cold.

Evelin in the desert

Hand and Feet Warmers

When it is freezing, not even a good sleeping bag may help you much. The problem with most sleeping bags is that they don’t necessarily warm you up – but instead, they keep the heat in. So, if you are already feeling very cold upon entering the sleeping bag, it won’t do much for you in that scenario – because there’s no warmth to be kept inside, in the first place.

This is why you might benefit from some hand and feet warmers. Ladies tend to often have a problem with poor blood circulation, which is why they feel cold during the night. However, if you warm your arms and legs beforehand (or, if warmers are non-electric, take them in the sleeping bag with you), then you will be able to warm up the space inside the sleeping bag.

Evelin on the road

Portable ToiletPortable Toilet

This is perhaps one of the greatest struggles that women have to go through when they are camping: heeding nature’s call. Unlike men that only need to unzip when they need to go (the only exception being when they do the big business), women have constant discomfort with that matter. Not to mention the dangers of getting your private areas too close to the ground when you don’t know what’s passing under there.

In that case, you’ll need to get a good portable toilet with you. Not only is it the more environmentally-friendly option, but it can also allow you to handle your business with much more comfort. Put up some tarp to create a private zone, and you’re done. Say goodbye to squatting in the woods, constantly looking over your shoulder.

Dry Shampoo

Let’s say that you aren’t bothering too much with hairstyles and so on – but at some point, your hair will start getting greasy, dirty, or smelly. For some women, this might happen sooner than later. And while this might not bother men much, it can bother the ladies – especially when they are used to the regular hair wash.

The problem is that when you go camping, you might not have access to a shower. Sure, certain campsites might give this option – still, not only is it on rare occasions, but you’ll also have to wait in line after other people. This is why you’ll need some dry shampoo to make the hair look less greasy. A real must-have when it comes to a list of essentials for women camping.

Evelin in the tropics

Toiletry Essentials

Even if you are camping, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself clean. In case you come across a source of water (such as a campsite shower or even some running water), make sure that you have some basic toiletries on you (i.e. soap, shampoo, etc.).

You might want to go for the mini versions of these toiletries because your camping gear is going to be as difficult to carry as it is. If you’re hiking, the last thing you want is to be brought down by big bottles of shampoo and moisturizers. Also, rather than washing yourself straight in the flowing river, you might want to put that water in a container – you want to be protective of the environment, after all.

Your toiletry kit should also include plenty of wet wipes. Don’t take a small pack to save space, especially if you go for more than one or two days. If you don’t have access to running water, that will be the only way for you to clean yourself. Go for a pack of sensitive wipes as well, as they will be more suitable for certain body areas.

Packed up and ready to go

Final Thoughts

Women can be very comfortable when they are camping. They just need to pack the right things. If they have the basics down, they’ll certainly have no problems spending a few days under the stars.

Essentials for Women Camping

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