Dream Job Alert: Want to Be An Elephant’s Caregiver?


It’s a big job dealing with a big animal: the Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) is looking for someone to care for elephants.

PAWS is a non-profit that provides sanctuary to abused, abandoned and retired captive wildlife. The organization is in San Andres, California, on a 2,300-acre habitat.

The elephant caregiver’s role will feed the elephants as well as clean up after the animal and their living spaces. Caregivers will help move the animals throughout the sanctuary and observe them with the PAWS veterinarian team. 

It’s important to note that caregivers do not have any physical contact with the animals, which is part of the sanctuary standards.

Requirements for the job include being able to lift heavy objects, be prepared to work outdoors and, of course, be sympathetic towards animals.

You can find more information about the role and how to apply here.

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