Contestants Are Going Up Against The Ultimate Adventurer in ‘I Survived Bear Grylls’


Be prepared to be tested! On Thursday, May 18, Bear Grylls’ new competition series, “I Survived Bear Grylls,” will be premiering on TBS. This show will test the mettle of regular people.

Bear Grylls is ready to take on a new challenge: a game show! In this exclusive first-look trailer, we get a glimpse of the wild and thrilling competition that awaits. After years of life-saving missions in some of the most isolated places in the world, Bear is now ready to test his own skills in this unique series that blends the genres of survival and game show. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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In I Survived Bear Grylls, the survivalist isn’t putting himself at risk – instead, he’s challenging America’s “armchair adventurers” with tests of their intelligence, physicality, and their capacity to adjust and do whatever it takes to survive. The challenges they’ll take on include, but are not limited to, eating and drinking some pretty disgusting survival food.

Contestants will compete in a single episode and the number of participants will be challenged until only one is left standing. At the end of the episode, the winner will receive a cash prize.

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