Can Sleeping In The Trees Make You Fall In Love With Camping Again?


This is a partner post in collaboration with Tensile.

The sounds of crickets harmonizing as dusk approaches. The cool breeze brushing against your face as you listen to the leaves rustling in the trees. You look up, and feel tiny against the canvas of stars slowly painting dots along the night sky.

There’s just something special about camping, isn’t there?

However, the experience can feel daunting for some. One aspect that turns some people off is the notion of sleeping against the hard ground under the tent, or waking up damp from the morning dew. One solution we love is simply getting your tent up and off the ground. And perhaps the easiest way to do that is fixing your tent to the trees. 

And any talk of tree tents has to include Tentsile, a company which took the clever design concept to the masses. And if you aren’t familiar with their products, it might very well completely change your view on camping.

The company has gained a reputation for high production quality (over 1000 qualified reviews, and tons of positive coverage from gear publications) and clever design at an affordable price range. The modular tents and hammocks allow solo campers, couples and families to put up single units or create complete tree tent villages. Tentsile’s tents are also made to be easy to set up quickly (from bag to assembled within 15 minutes), and are easy to pack and travel and store after your adventures. Each model comes with a removable waterproof rainfly to keep campers sheltered from the weather, which can be taken off in fair conditions for unbeatable views. They also come with a fully enclosed insect mesh to keep those pesky bugs at bay.

And (fitting for a company that’s literally tied to trees) Tentsile plants 20 trees for every tent or hammock sold. In their efforts to protect the world’s old growth forests through conservation efforts, Tentsile has helped plant 978,000 trees with their planting partners around the globe.

Product Spotlight: The Connect Lite 2-Person Tree Tent

Image by Tentsile

Tentsile was founded in 2013 by Alex Shirley-Smith, a London-based designer and trained architect who specialized in low impact shelters. Inspired by the Ewok village from the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, Shirley-Smith wanted to find a way to design a portable tree house, and the initial prototype for a tree tent was soon born.  

Ten years later, the company has developed an entire range of tree tents and giant hammocks. The small team (surprisingly there are only seven employees running the entire operation) has continued to refine and innovate their offering. This month, they’ve unveiled the latest: the Connect LITE. An update from Tentsile’s Classic Connect tent, the LITE 2 provides the same quality and great flat-lay experience at a highly competitive price point. 

The tent can fit two people and is great for couples looking to stargaze during their next camping trip. Tentsile recommends setting up the tent about four feet in the air. The tree should be at least 16 inches in diameter. Quick note: tree tents are not designed for or meant to be treated as permanent structures and can have UV decay if left out in the sun for extended periods of time.

Fun Fact: Tentsile Makes The World’s Largest Hammocks

Image by Tentsile

Hammocks are traditionally made for one, but if you want to really go big, Tentsile has you covered. The company makes the world’s largest hammocks. The hammocks have three anchor points and are made with reinforced seat-belt webbing, creating a supportive floor for the hammock. Tentsile’s giant hammocks come in a variety of sizes, from one to six adults, and are comfortable enough to sleep on. 

Would you try a tree tent? How about a family-sized hammock? Let us know in the comments below.

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