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Camping has never been more popular, and the rise in popularity that happened thanks to national lockdowns and a much larger number of people seeking holiday options closer to home, doesn’t appear to have slowed down. Read on for the most popular camping gear trends we’ve seen in 2022…

The Most Popular Camping Trends From Summer 2022The Most Popular Camping Trends From Summer 2022

After spending all spring and summer camping up and down the country, many of our cool camping gear predictions have indeed become super popular this year, whilst we’ve noticed a few other key camping trends during our travels that we thought we’d share.

For those who’ll be continuing to camp into Autumn or who’ll be planning more camping trips next spring or summer, the end of the summer season is a great time to pick up a camping bargain. So if you like camping in comfort or like the coolest camping gear, read on for our round-up of the key camping trends from summer 2022.

Nordsk Ydun 5.5 tentNordsk Ydun 5.5 tent

1. Canvas & Retro Tents

We’ve seen more retro 70’s and 80’s style canvas family tents than usual this year. We’re not talking classic bell tents either, we’re talking full on vintage tents that look like the ones we used to camp in as kids, in fetching hues of orange, brown and bright blue through to new tents designed with a retro aesthetic.

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Coleman Popup Event Shelter.Coleman Popup Event Shelter.

2. Canopies & Shelters

A large number of campers this year have been spotted rocking up with not just a tent, but with gazebos and shelters like the Coleman Popup Event Shelter.

A large number of campers this year have been spotted rocking up with not just a tent, but with gazebos and shelters like the Coleman Popup Event Shelter.

This extends the living area of tents, provides shade when it’s hot and keeps the rain off in bad weather and they seem more popular than ever this year.

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Portable camping power stationsPortable camping power stations

3. Portable Power Stations

We spotted plenty of people with solar panels outside of their tents this year, with the Jackery Explorer appearing to be a popular choice for many. We’ve long been fans of portable power stations, and love those that can be connected up to weatherproof solar panels. Great for keeping all of your essential powered and then some!

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Camp ShowersCamp Showers

4. Camp Showers

We spotted several fellow campers with immersible camp showers, a bit like our own Colapz camp shower. Let’s face it, not all of us like using communal facilities and whilst many are clean and well kept, we don’t always want to traipse across a field or put money into a payment meter to use one.

A portable camp shower gives you the ultimate in convenience, pair with a popup shower tent like our great value Decathlon Quechua shower tent and you’re good to go!

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Campingaz Party Grill 400 Camping Barbecue ReviewCampingaz Party Grill 400 Camping Barbecue Review

5. Funky Ways To Cook

From the Cadac (we lost count of how many campers we saw with these) to full-on pizza ovens, campers have certainly upped their game this year in terms of cooking food whilst camping.

We love seeing more campers eating proper food and actually cooking, from roast salmon, new potatoes and veg through to handmade pizzas and everything in between. There is no longer an excuse to eat poorly when camping or rely on bangers burnt to a crisp on the barbecue, because there’s so much available to facilitate the cooking and eating of good food.

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6. Gorgeous Camp Chairs

Remember when camp chairs all looked the same? You know the fold out ones with flimsy arms and a mesh cup holder in various shades of green, blue and red? Those days are thankfully long gone and camp chairs are now not only way comfier than ever before, but some are aesthetically beautiful too, and that’s high praise from a woman so obsessed with chairs she’s got a huge coffee table book all about chairs…

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