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Many people go camping to experience the tranquillity and ruggedness of the outback. Meanwhile, others want to test their skills. They like the challenge of pitching a tent, building a campfire, and cooking from scratch.

Travelling in the OutbackTravelling in the Outback

But there are times when you’re just tired of sleeping on the ground, swatting away mosquitoes, and taking a dip in the cold waters of a pond or a lake nearby.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could enjoy the fresh air and be one with nature while experiencing all the luxuries life can offer?

You can experience all that and more with the Hitch Campers Canning teardrop camper.

If you’re looking for a camper trailer that offers the comfort and luxury of a full-size RV but want something more compact and affordable, then a teardrop camper is for you. Here are some of the teardrop camper luxuries you can experience when travelling and camping in the outback.

Sleeping on a queen-size foam mattress

You’re used to your trusty sleeping bag and tent when camping in the outback, but it can get hot and stuffy inside sometimes. And there’s the hard ground. No matter how thick your sleeping bag is, you can still feel that occasional rock digging between your shoulder blades or your hip when you settle down for the night.

With a teardrop camper, you can say goodbye to sore and stiff backs. The Canning features a queen-size foam mattress so soft your back will thank you for it. It feels like you never left home at all!

Charge your phones and other devices in the middle of the outback

A phone is a necessity when camping in the outback. It’s essential for emergencies, for taking pictures (and posting said photos), and occasionally browsing social media when you’ve had enough of the tranquillity. But your power bank can only do so much heavy lifting, and you don’t really like charging your phone in your car.

We had this particular dilemma in mind when we created the 2022 Canning. That’s why our teardrop camper can be equipped with a 2000w Inverter, a solar panel, lithium batteries and the Enerdrive 20A 12V DC Charger. Charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices without fear of draining your power bank or your car’s battery.

Travelling in the OutbackTravelling in the Outback

Run a small appliance while camping

You love your coffee first thing in the morning. That’s why you can’t live without your coffee maker or water kettle (if you like those instant ones). But often, it can take a while to build a fire early in the morning and you need to have your coffee now.

If this is the case, then the 2022 Canning teardrop camper is a good investment. As mentioned above, it is equipped with a 2000w Inverter and an Enerdrive 150W Roof-Mounted Solar Panel. Simply plug in your small appliance, and you’re all set to make a delicious coffee and breakfast in the outback.

Shower wherever you are

Part of the charm of camping in the outback is being able to bathe or swim in rivers, waterfalls, or lakes. But the water in these bodies of water can get too cold sometimes, and there are moments when you definitely need privacy to shower.

Travelling in the OutbackTravelling in the Outback

With the 2022 Canning Adventure Pack, you can shower in the outback. It comes with a shower ensuite plus hot water from its large freshwater tanks. It also comes with an awning, so you and your family can shower in private and stay fresh after a long day hiking or just hanging out.

Stay cool with an air conditioner

Temperatures in the outback can get scorching hot in the summer. In some parts of the country, the temperature can even soar up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Maybe you love the ruggedness of the outback, but definitely not the humidity and the heat — especially when you’re trying to sleep. We know how uncomfortable the heat and humidity is so our 2022 Canning is equipped with a central ventilation fan, we can add additional cooling fans or even air conditioning.

Even when it’s sweltering outside, you can stay cool and sleep comfortably inside your very teardrop camper. Say goodbye to hot and sweaty camping with the 2022 Canning teardrop camper. 

DISCLOSURE | This is a guest post from Hitch Campers.

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