Build Your Own Gear Kit with VSSL


When it comes to packing light, Todd Weimer knows how to do it. The founder of VSSL and his team at VSSL create compact camping gear, made to be the same size as a traditional flashlight, and built to take up as little space as possible in your pack. 

And now, you can even build your own.

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Step 1: Pick your size

Image by VSSL

The VSSL comes in three sizes; small (2.75X2 inches), medium (5.7X2 inches), and large (7.5X2 inches). The tubes are made from “indestructible, waterproof, military-grade,” aluminum, ensuring your gear stays dry and safe no matter where you’re traveling to.

Step 2: Pick your color

Image by VSSL

If you’re traveling with your family, you need to stay organized. Selecting different colors for everyone in the family will help keep things organized.

Step 3: Pick your top

Image by VSSL

Whether you’re just looking for a simple cap to keep your items contained, or you always want to ensure you’re heading in the right direction, pick up a lid with a compass, or even a compass cap with a handle.  

Step 4: Pick your bottom

Image by VSSL

Though there aren’t as many options for the bottom as there are for the top, what they have are pretty solid. There are three different kinds of bottoms to choose from, regular, flashlight, or Bluetooth speaker. If you love a good nighttime hike or an early morning start to watch the sunrise, you’ll definitely want to check out the 4-mode LED lantern bottom.

Step 5: Pick your tins (up to 9)

Image by VSSL

Now, this is definitely the most fun part. After you’ve customized the outside of your VSSL, you’ll get to choose the gear to fill it. If you think you might be interested in doing some fishing, add tackle to your pack. If you- or someone you’re camping with- tend to be a little clumsy, add a first-aid kit. Chafing after a long hike? No longer a problem, when you add the adventure balm. Pick up to 9 tins to add to your VSSL and you’ll be prepared for anything on your next camping trip. 

No matter what your next adventure will be, there’s a VSSL for you.  

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