Bigfoot Sightings Across the U.S.


Bigfoot sightings have been happening for years, and the folks at the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) have been in step for decades, collecting reports and seeking answers about the creature.

For the last 28 years, members of the BFRO, “a virtual community of scientists, journalists, and specialists from diverse backgrounds,” have devoted themselves to “projects, including field and laboratory investigations designed to address various aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon.” As a result of the education and experience of its members and the quality of their efforts, the BFRO is widely considered to be the most credible and respected investigative network involved in the study of this subject.

In the graphic below, we visualize the BFRO’s published data on Bigfoot sightings by location across the United States (click to enlarge).

Bigfoot sightings data, by state.

Design by Clif Dickens/

For more on the BFRO’s research and findings, including their 2023 expeditions, visit their website.

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