6 Incredible Photos of the Outdoors for Nature Photography Day


June 15th is Nature Photography Day. To celebrate, here are six incredible photos of the outdoors that will take your breath away.

Time-Lapse Photography of Waterfalls Surrounded with Trees, Jake Owens

Image by Jakob Owens

There’s just something about the luscious greenery in this photo that makes us want to get an outdoor adventure on the calendar. The rushing water of the falls draws you into the center of the photograph, and then your eye travels through the different shades of green, making you want to dive right into this picturesque scene.

Group of Elephants on Brown Field During Daytime, Kyle Petzer

Image by Kyle Petzer

With the cotton-candy sky and stunning herd of elephants, this photograph will make you want to travel to South Africa ASAP. Can you imagine being there and taking your own photograph of the same beautiful view? 

Full Moon in the Sky, Tengyart

Image by Tengyart

This dynamic photo is rich with deep blues and bright oranges. The image of the 2019 blood moon is ominous and a little spooky. The soft clouds feel inviting, but the colors feel daunting, and the light peeking from behind the clouds offers hope for what will come after the storm.

Snow-Covered House Near Trees and Mountain During Daytime, Andrei Mike

Image by Andrei Mike

There is something so calming about an image of cabins covered in snow. Though we’re heading toward summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the blanket of white will make you want to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Whether you like winter or not, it’s a beautiful photograph. 

An Aerial View of a Bridge Over a Body of Water, Katelyn Greer

Image by Katelyn Greer

This photo shows the interesting intersection of nature and humanity.  The roads contrast with the beautiful blue water, and there are small islands covered in trees. This birds-eye view of New Zealand makes the cars, and the humans inside them, look microscopic.

A Couple of Elk Standing on Top of a Lush Green Field, Cora Leach

Image by Cora Leach

Take a look at these beautiful bucks. These skittish animals aren’t easy to photograph, making this image especially wonderful. While they look off into the distance, we’re left wondering what they’re looking for and why they aren’t running from the photographer.

Does nature photography enhance your outdoor experience? Tell us in the comments.

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