5 Tips for First-Time Solo Women Campers


Solo Women Campers

Who needs company?

by Tiffani  Rose

Camping alone might seem overwhelming when you think about it. Is it safe for a single woman to camp? How will the experience be? Will I find any challenges during the trip?

There are too many questions that will flash across your mind. But the thing is that it can be a rewarding experience. That’s why many solo women campers continue to go on their adventures alone.

I like to camp alone because it shows me that I can. Women are usually fed several fear-driven stories about the dangers of the world. Going out alone helps me feel confident about myself.

According to data, there were close to 48 million campers in 2020 in the USA alone. Of those, 45% were women. So it’s not like women don’t camp. The interest in camping will continue to rise as most first-timers plan to camp frequently.

There were around 10 million first-time camping households, of which 60% plan to continue to camp.

But camping is not always a smooth experience. From sudden weather changes to animal attacks to fire disasters, there’s so much that can ruin your camp if you go unprepared.

Here are some tips that will help you camp alone:

Go Prepared With All the Gears

Tips for Solo Women Campers

While out in the wilds, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary gears. An average camper spends $51 to $200 on camping equipment. It’s best to create a checklist of items to carry and plan accordingly. For instance, you will undoubtedly need tent gear, including a tent, pillow, blanket, and rain cover.

Similarly, you will have to look after the clothing gear based on the weather. If you are traveling to a warm location, you might want to carry a hat, cotton tees, hiking pants or shorts, tops, etc. For winter, you might look for thermal clothes, jackets, track pants, sweatshirts, etc.

Your footwear will also significantly impact your overall experience. Suppose you decide to go for a small trek in the morning; you need to be wearing suitable tactical boots. Camping is an adventurous experience. So if you don’t wear tactical booths, you might not enjoy the experience as much.

Take a Self Defense Class

Taking a self-defense class is crucial not because you will face problems during your camping night but because it will boost your confidence. The thing is that if you have fear in your head, you won’t be able to enjoy as much as you might otherwise.

After recognizing fear, a small portion of your brain called the amygdala puts your body into a response mechanism. The fear response system can lead to nervousness and a faster heartbeat, resulting in health problems and impairing your experience.

When you learn self-defense, you will be confident about going through any dangerous situation if it may arise. These courses will teach you how to access your surroundings and identify the trouble. They will also train you on what to do if confronted with a threat.

You can choose to learn Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), karate, boxing, or any other form of defense. You can also carry self-defense weapons, like guns, knives, or sprays for peace of mind.

Consider choosing a defense class that offers practical fighting guidance. Moves like chokeholds or armbars might help control the opponent, but learning how to strike first when necessary is crucial. Hence, you need practical striking training too.

Don’t Let Anyone Know You Are Alone

solo women campers 5Although you are alone, you shouldn’t let anyone know that. The best fun about camping or traveling alone is that you get to make new friends. You can share a beer or even food with strangers at the campsite.

But you must never let them know that you are alone. If someone asks you, you can lie about it. You can also make excuses like “I need to go and see my friend” or “Someone is waiting for me.” If you are keen you can camp in many beautiful or exotic places around the world safely.

If It’s During That Time of the Month

First, you should avoid camping if your period has already started. But as a woman, we should always be prepared for such situations. Hence, it is best to carry tampons, sea sponges, or other alternatives if your period starts outdoors.

Say No When You Are Not Comfortable

Trust me when I say that many strangers will try to become friends with you. You should not deny everyone as it is best to make new friends on your trip. But you don’t have to engage with everyone.

As soon as you feel uncomfortable with someone or a situation, you should say no to it. You don’t even have to explain. Say no and walk away.


Dear ladies, those were some tips that I think will help you start your journey as a solo camper. Stop worrying about everything and go ahead to enjoy the experience. It might feel challenging at the start, but you will always want to camp solo once you get used to it.

Tips for solo women campers 4

Do you have any other tips for solo women campers?

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